Unable to load campaign game anymore

I have a few saved games in the campaign, and NONE of them can be loaded anymore. It just goes back to the game saved listing.
Can you help? I’m dying inside.

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same issue here

Unfortunately, there’s not anything that can be done.

Anytime a patch contains changes to the map files, all previous game saves are rendered invalid.

But with the revelation yesterday that they are aiming for patches every month or so, now’s the time to start the bonus campaign.

Will every patch contain map file changes? Who can say.

Yeah, this is what tey said, a month ago: Howdy!

Please note that the campaign progress wasn’t touched here. Only the saved games if you were in the middle of a mission and saved it. After today’s patch, you would need to restart that single mission, not the complete campaign. StarCraft II had it’s own load of issues over the years with loading past content. Though frustrating the focus here was change was needed to fix a bug. Our developers certainly try their best not to impact saved data.

If you have feedback for this please post on our General forums. I’m going to close this thread as it was answered fully. Again feedback should goto the General forums not here.


But the thing is that they havent implemented the simple thing of saving you campaign progress on you account, rhather than to your device which is bad since I played until a few days ago on my laptop and then i transfered saved game to my computer, like OK, I lost all my progreass but I can still play it in saved games even though I dont get anything in my campaign menu new, but now since the new patch I can not load my saved game I can not start the mission anew which would also be fine, I jsut have to give up… THx Blizz… wtf…