Tutorial: Graphics Improvement for Reforged [ReShade]

Made the game less blue

It is still super blue

Ever heard of screen recorders? What is this camera aiming at monitor

Not that I would mess with data but it shows that there are a lot who prefer the lighting/shading there than the current one. Let’s see if Blizz responds to this preference.

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Hey, I added a warm version of the Blizzcon 2018 preset: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/10428/

Edit: reverted previous changes to saturation (Blizzcon 2018 presets)

Hey OP, I wanted t say nice, I will give you mine, as I do not use reshade for coloring, I feel it just adds to much color on top of color to the point you get clipping and Snapping. ( I ported Reshade to OpenGL) For some Emulators. Honestly just feel it oversaturates and crushes mids and shadows. )

It does have great post effects though.

Anyways : Start game
Use Nvidia Control Panel

Add :

Colors :

Temp 2.5
Vibrancy 2.5

Brightness and Contrast:

Highlights 15
shadows 25
gamma 15


Clarity: 15
HDR 25
Bloom 5

Reshade settings

You need: (The load order is in that order.)
Adaptive Sharp : sharp str .86
Filmic Sharp: str 1.23, sharp center only, rim depth mask on
Luma Sharp: .650, sample pattern fast

*Ray Tracing: *

gdi global 1.0
ray 15
ray amount 3 ( better hardware can go higher.)

  • (tested with GTX 970m, Higher then 3 murdered FPS)*
    *ray step 9 (lower faster 9 is quality 15 is better qualty.) *
    z thickness 0.50 : ( because the buildings shadow outline is so defined. )
    *blend 2 *
    bounce light 0.63, Higher leaves halos . (lower you cant see it)

Deband: High Irritations 4
Vignette: Original (or whatever your taste is.

***Note: For Ray Traced Shadows, you will need to go into the settings of Reshade, click the DX12 tab , the shader you need is Clear 2 as that is the shader that handles all the unit and environmental shadows. Everything else handles different aspects of the UI.

***Other Note, if the shadows do not line up with the units, you can see , it is noticeable, click clear 1 then clear 2 it fixes it, or the parent shader of clear 2 then clear two. It will then fix it.


You may wonder why i use 3 different sharps , each one seems to address diffrent parts, while adaptive sharp seems to be a pretty amazing dynamic edge sharpener, it tends to miss a lot.

Luma Sharp brings out the high tones, while the Fillmic A Sharpner , brings out the mids and the shadow’s ( it gives it a more cinematic look and sharpens the image.

All of this is about balance, bringing out the natural colors of the game while also cleaning up the image.

как перенести Reshade на OpenGL?

Not for the wii u it didn’t. Ported it over as direct shader edits for cemu

uh so the cool colors is the latest and I am assuming the crispy version is the one being used? I don’t actually get it. I saw the video and stuff - Surely we’re not implementing all 4 of those presets are we?

Wasn’t the base reforged game supposed to be an improvement by itself? I’m not paying 30 euro to have to mod it further, nor would I support something like this for multiplayer, considering it might provide a competitive advantage to one player.

classic mode already provides a clear distinct advantage over reforged. so not sure why ur using that argument. This is coming from someone who actually gave Reforged graphics a try, there are just things that are objectively harder to see, and readability is definitely worse. Health-bar placement is a huge issue, so are attack animations like Reforged KOTG that make it harder to attack-anim cancel. That is not to say Reforged is unplayable. Trust me, I would love to use Reforged because I quite like some of the redesigned models, but its just too hard to play with compared to Classic.

if blizz bans reshade, that’s even further cause to be mad.

seriously if you’re a competitive player, you aren’t using Reforged. There’s actually no advantage to using it from a readability standpoint, PLUS you get worse FPS. And on top of all that, although I do like some of the models, as a totality I can’t even say Reforged is a better visual experience overall.

Just choose one you like, that’s why I made 6 different ReShade presets. I also added screenshots for every ReShade preset, so you can have an idea how it would look ingame.

But you can also download more than one and just switch between your presets. You can do so by opening the ReShade ingame menu and choosing the preset you like, or by setting a key in the ReShade menu that would switch between the presets whenever you press it.

Updated presets: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/game/2274/