(To dev) The culling for prepurcheses


apparently there’ll be things for reforged itself (maybe skins?) but confirmation is needed.


Same here to me mate, 40e(and i buy a second time as a gift for my cousin) doesn’t make me rich. But how you said, I’m still waiting for the good stuff…


Spoils of War edition will also include 4 hero skins for Reforged itself. Though, I don’t know if it is pre-purchase-exclusive.


i also have a (kinda dumb) question: do i need to prepurchase to have access to beta?


Well Blizzard answer: No
Technical answer: Yes because it increases your chance

I think only 1-2 classic owners will be chosen to show ‘you can test without buying’, other testers will be prepurchasers starting with known streamers then hopefully modders


so i have no chance.


I got the preorder now, I was waiting for ‘teasers’ but then I said I’ll never be chosen if I don’t do it now, atleast now I think I got a good chance that I’m both a prepurchaser, a known mod’s leader and an active modeler and member :smiley:


well, all i have is classic game (both RoC and TFT)
shrug in french


Yeah I have them too but I think it would be hard for Blizzard to choose from Classic owners but sometimes weird things happen I remember my cousin being beta tester for WoW without even subscribing the game for once :smiley:


and i just can’t preoder now beecause like i said before i feel like i haven’t seen enough and mainly because i don’t have any money (neither do i know when i’ll have…)


Sadly I was trapped in the hype and pre-ordered it almost immediately. Kinda wish I never did that =(


There is one thing that forums missed btw guys the only news since release, on hiveworkshop and reddit Kam(associate producer for Reforged) made a post ‘What you guys want to see in Ladder 2.0?’ and kinda said that an update is coming this month for Classic, sadly only news we got is this for now but it atleast made me think that ‘Wow we are still alive’


You have a source on this?


WoW Beta Testing periods


And what makes you think that wasn’t RNG?


All the betas done like this first professional streamers then prepurchasers coincidence?


Sure, it’s fair to assume that streamers and some fansites may get beta accesses to share for they will promote and advertise the game, but everything is still just speculation. There are truly very “random” people that have gotten beta accesses (like people who play rarely and casually) and yet many long time vets have not gained access.

You can think that you have better chances with the pre-purchase, but it is nowhere stated that it would actually increase the chance. Funny, how Blizzard hasn’t even used this to get more pre-purchases, like advertising “Pre-purchase now and have a higher chance for beta”.


Well thing is they do not need to say this, it is a known thing it happened with Bfa, Legion, WoD so people will directly think like me and say ‘hey it increases maybe it is just luck but it worked before’


Yes, I understand that, and even I do hope that it would increase my chances to get to beta, but my point is that there is still no proof that it would actually be the case.


Demo or Beta testing is for show the game is worth to be buyd, that’s obvious there will be a lot of playes who will get Beta without having the classic or without pre-purchase the Reforged.

That’s a point…that who buyd war3 reforged should have 100% chance to get beta, bcuz is that fair after they pre-purchased something without get anything yet.