To blizzard employees, stop listening to the hive community


The classic team has been actively ignoring feedback from ladder players for the last 2 years. Instead, they have been listening to a small group of players from the hiveworkshop forums.

This is why we are seeing dumb things like adding black bars, breaking the sound, fixed aspect ratio button gone, broken matchmaking, desyncs etc. as well as other issues that wasnt there before they began patching the game.

They have done absolutely nothing to solve the core issues in this game, such as punishing stabbers, leavers and griefers, a quick mute button for toxic players, banning cheaters and gameruiners as well as improving the quality of matchmaking.

This is why classic team is receiving criticism almost on a daily basis. If they continue to ignore the criticism and feedback they get, they will get an even worse reputation than they already gave themselves.


They forgot to listen to the dota leagues community the morons.