This is asking a lot but


Any chance that with the editor you will also add in the Heroes of the Storm assets, such as Models/Abilities/Terrain/etc…


Not likely seeing how that would raise the game install size by around 10-20GB.

However nothing will stop third party tools being made to automate porting such assets.


I hope they can somehow open up the world editor with some SC2 functionality like mods, so that we can load mod packs rather than just inport everything into a large map that needs all assets to be reuploaded each time a change is made. Not sure how feasible this is though.


I would welcome an improved and more organized import editor maybe with a grid view instead of a simple list view. Like in windows explorer where you can resize the files and see a little teaser image. Also importing more than one file and a drag and drop functionality would also be nice.


Yes it sould be a folder where you can put all those modding stuff, like now.

Now 1 of the reasons why they went realistic style :

Imagine co-existance of for example WAA and cartoony Reforged with all skins ?

Who would buy skins ? Ppl would just go free mod.

All mods are basically dead when Reforged came out . Either someone trying to stay alive , they can not survive cause of simple fact :

Reforged style and current HD mod community style can not be mixed .
Yes people will try it, but it will not work . They will realise its mixing donkeys with monkeys.

Few people wil maybe replace 2-3 models they dont like from Reforged. But still it will look like a bad mixage.

And Reforged will do skins , so they might not even replace nothing, it will be more logical .

I know what i am talking about.