This game won't survive if they don't polish the movement


Well, the good news for the purists is that it’s almost an absolute certainty that no changes will be made.


Honestly, what drives this sort of reasoning? Is it straight up elitism?

We can’t adapt? What about those of us who played War 1, 2, SC, BW, War 3, SC2 in sequence? We’ve “adapted” to every game over a period of 25+ years.

People complained about War 3 pathing and movement in 2002. Regardless of whether or not you want it changed, it’s quite clear that it isn’t optimal. I’m pretty sure I’ve even seen developer blogs about the problems with square unit boxes and buildings and how that clogs up the pathing.

The conversation is moot. Nothing will change. The game will have a short-term spike in popularity and be right back where it is now in a year or two.


If it is needed for the mechanics and skill depth, little you realize how it is a good reason a lot. However, if they can improve some friendly units pathing (would it be like SC2 to make a unit move through others that make way of it I dunno), while keeping the mechanics, that’s OK.

Btw since some say ‘oh look units just stuck in one another’ time to bring this SC2 pathing clip, what do some think about Naga added now and rifles, since some tell me how bring new races and new pathing will change everything!


I’ve been with SC2 and still am for the past 8 years and I don’t feel any influence from SC2 and I do not find a problem at all with how the pathing works in war3 now…


There’s already SC:R where players can enjoy playing against the game engine.

So much lost potential in WC3:R, just so the handful of classic players can play with everyone.


Yes… Polish the movement… It has been hidden in plain sight all along. We must invade Poland… FOR THEIR MOVEMENT!


While I’m a bit advocate to abolish the unit selection, unit movement, while it’s not optimal, isn’t completely awful either, it’s never bothered me like it has in wc2 and Starcraft personally. Fact is, the pro scene is used to this and changing pathing could alter balance and/or the feel of the game significantly. It’s not something you should change.


“I won’t even touch the mode where that matters, cause I will lose few times never to return but change it anyway”


Play HOTS or SC2 then? Play a War3 mod like Armies of Azeroth? We have choices here.


Warcraft 1, 2, SC and Warcraft 3 (this game), all had similar pathing. Just Starcraft 2 was the odd one out, and it fell off pretty quickly for that same reason.


That indeed looks terrible, it’s basically skinned Starcraft 2.


The only issue with the movement is that the pathing gets really patchy with an excessive amount of units in the game and drives movement to a crawl- and I honestly don’t see that being fixable within the game engine’s limits in multiplayer. For everything else, Warcraft 3 has outlived competitors that are more “competitive friendly”, and major changes like this will hurt custom maps again.


LOL - SC2 didn’t a) fall off quickly, and b) fall off because of pathing.


Impactr’s video example is ridiculous. Everyone should see why.

Pathing isn’t what is making those rifles OP, it’s the fact that they have virtually no turning time, a reduction in time between shots, and instantly shoot on stop/attack commands.



real life pathing is more like wc3 than sc2. People do stop and have to recalculate paths in real life. When you bump into somebody or some person comes at you from a corner you have to stop for a sec and start up movement again. In Sc2 units never ever do that, they flow around each other like water.
it just doesnt feel right. Sure it’s a bit clunkier but it doesnt matter, it’s more real. Maybe they could fix sc2 pathing to be more realistic, have bigger turn times, have some kind of onramp for when a unit stops then it has to accelerate again.
But that kind of change is definitely not in the stars for wc3, it would make the game into a completley different experience and imo it’s actually hard to do.


But if you look at how units moved in the end of the clip when stuck between 2 enemy buildings, some behind couldn’t pass. I think the SC2 has this where all units make way to one unit is if the unit is moving the others are staying. When all are moving, some bump and cant move, looked a bit like in war3

I’ve seen friendly units blocking one another and I can agree improving the friendly ones only.


No. Core gameplay changes aren’t the object of this remaster. And that would be a big change.


Im fine with as it is now. I’ve seen tod (and few others) getting annoyed by some friendly blocking but Im just saying it for those that think some SC2-like pathing (even without kiting guns mechanics) is gonna bring gazillion of casuals and the game will prosper for so much longer cause of it /s

If you think this isn’t the object of a remaster, but but what about my burning legionz? and ADd the naga race! And New mechanics plz! Listen up Noobs you know nothing. of Blizz North and Blizz South


Little do you know of the coming of Blizz West. Kanye is going to purchase Actibliz, and he’s going to Make Warcraft Great Again.


I honestly don’t care if pros would be upset because they aren’t used to it. Either adapt or new players will take your place.


ok it’s actually funny :ok_hand: