This game is still full of bugz

… and is not worth its money. I play custom games only. Even today after so many patches and hotfixes it is still a mess, in my opinion. Here few bugs I just encountered today.

  1. Let’s start with an easy one. In options wheni click on the checkboxes “Music” or 'SoundEffects" or “Environmental Effects”. the silder for the graphic mode (Reforged ↔ classic) is also changing.
  2. Random disconnects from games. This happens very often since the last patch for me.
    FPS drops as well. Also while running ping in command line endlessly. My i-net seems to work fine.
  3. Sometimes it takes 30 secs or more for the game to create a new lobby for a custom game after clicking on the button “Create game”. (The same custom map usually only need 1-2 secs to be loaded)
  4. Laggy menu
  5. Another nice bug: I try to join a custom game, but when i click on it I join some empty “ghost lobby” with the game name of the game I played before. In addition sometimes the button for “Back” to leave the lobby is greyed out and I have to restart the whole game.
  6. Whenever I exit wc3 an error message pops up.

There are many more bugs but I am too tired to list them all.

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games have bugs. Who knew? You could at least report them in the right place

“laggy menu” is not a bug. Your CPU just can’t handle its awesomeness.

Good point. I should go fire up my dell Windows XP PC from 2003 and insert the Frozen Throne CD in the CD-ROM drive, so that I use a CPU that actually can handle the awesomeness. Thanks, Microsoft.

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hey now, you don’t get to blame them when they weren’t involved at the time

Why can’t I thank the creators of windows XP for making a system the could run a game more smoothly and beautifully than the products we have today? On the contrary, I think Windows XP was great. That was a great time.

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oh please, XP is so overrated, windows 7 was the best. Windows vista could have been if it didn’t perform like doody and have all the early compatibility issues.