Think this will be cancelled?


Honestly the way that activision-blizzard is heading with all these lay-offs and bad publicity recently kinda makes me scared that this will get cancelled.

Or maybe they just rush this out half-baked and let the franchise go…

Call me a pessimist if you want, but I would not be suprised if they did that.
Hope I am REALLY wrong about this though =(

Sorry for bad english and pessimistic thread


even though i believe in reforged, i’m scared of that too…


Stop watching heelvsbabyface videos that is the best thing to do, and I don’t think so reforged is probably safe but I think it will never get support and we will be back to the old stage where community was doing all the stuff


who is it?


The guy that spreads Blizz lost %99 value omg!!! videos and gets money for making them only (he tried to stream other games it did not work and he went back to flaming Blizz) and you must know from my posts that I’m one of the last persons that trust Blizzard (alongside with S3xytime and Kantarion)


wondering that to never heard of him


It is best that you never see him :smiley:


Thx for the heads up very good to know :sunglasses:


i usually watch meme videos and i’m not very interested in that kind of stuff, that might be why.


that’s very dumb…


I imagine a lot of the layoffs might wind up being customer support staff as playerbase counts change, like how I think lots of people stopped playing HOTS since the HGC was canned, sub numbers for World of Warcraft, etc.


you’re high on too much negative news buddy WC3 Reforged will not be canceled. and i know pretty much the entire states of Activision and blizzard.

but as sad as it might be that blizzard has to communicate with demons.

Wc3 RF is in a good place. my assumbtion is it will lunch alongside wow classic in summer. both of these games are bound to increase reputation for blizzard they will never miss out on it.


i honnestly hope you’re right.


Exactly this, you might even call it like: Build hype with Reforged campaign and make people ready for Classic


I don’t think so if Blizzard risk to fail for the second time, that garbage copy paste mobile game of Diablo is already faild at the announcement.

Second: Blizzard wish to make from War3 a game bettween a remake and remaster , they build up the game from the bottom but with same story, gameplay, engine. They have promised they will gave a beta(pre-alpha) on early 2019, which mean around aprill is the deadend of the beta theyr promised. (i guess that is the reason why they are so quiet)

3th: If they plan to cancel it, they would stop the acces to pre-purchase the game.

But who knows what they have in mind, i have buyd the game twice, for me and for my cousin as gift, hope they will not fail us.


I sure hope that you are right mate. I am trying to keep my optimism up, but since all the bad news keeps on popping out, I just get more down =(

I guess time will tell

Sorry for bad english


I think you worry too much @Plague.


Yeah, but all these news are a bad sign one way or another. I just hope all this won´t destroy this =(