There should be a more effiecient way for Orcs units to regain mana


Humans have items and aura from Archmage.

Night Elfs have moon wells and item.

Undead have Obsidian Statues.

Orc has nothing for mana honestly for sustain regen not burst.

Can this be changed in future balance.


clarity potions are used by orc more than any other race and I think that its fine that way, if their heros had any more mana they would be imba, its their units that seem to always be lacking mana


I would simply book that under race diversity. Not every race needs to have a solution for every problem. Some races are better than others in specific mechanics. Orcs lack mana on units, but have other advantages. Stop adjusting everything to be equal. Thats just boring game design.


i like how he skips the undead shop and says that undead get statues…lol, but fails to put in there that orc shop has some of the best early game items that no other race even come close to - including clarity pots. (scroll of speed…tier 1…all i’m gonna say).

and like the posters above said - racial diversity is pretty important…if everything was equal and every race was equivalent in every aspect of the game there would be no real reason except for cosmetic reasons to have different races…

undead have the worst mana regen in the game - sure it’s sometimes great to put statues on to mana regen - but in battles, the essence of blight upgrade is almost always the better choice…unless you’re in a team game and take on some sort of weird support role where you made like 3-4 statues and want a couple to support spellcasters mana regen…even then in a 2v2 i’d rather have my undead ally keep statues on essence of blight instead…3’s and 4’s not sure…

the only time i see pros really use the mana regen buff on statues is at their own base after a battle or something…


You can build 2 statues in solo, lol. One is used to heal, the other - to restore mana. Almost all undead players build 2 statues.


Orc mana is too strong already because of shadow hunter. One mana potion plus dropping a mana pendant = like 3000 hp worth of healing Late game. If SH didn’t constantly run out of mana it would be unbeatable.


i was gonna say…i played a pretty decent orc player over the weekend, and i remember thinking back to this very thread about how glad i was that orc spells are ridiculously good. imagine if SH wasn’t labeled agility lol.