There is too much GREY

One of the main issues with reforged is the HEAVY use of grey , that replaced the white everywhere.
The Undead army is not just too grey but also DARK , fiends are like shadows , not to mention that horrible model + the annoying sound they made while they walk. Maybe that was the point , its undead , its a force of darkness , it has to be dark , but in terms of game play , its horrible.
The Human , i mean so much grey tones everywhere , once i lost my antimage , i could not find it , it had the same colours as the units.
Maybe you like having GREY antimage and human units , but give us an option at least to customise the colours and make them WHITE? You know … the colour that makes sense…
Blizzard , you should really look into it , make a distinction between HEROES and UNITS , just like in classic , you cannot mistake a unit for a hero or vice versa and that comes down to use of colours.
Try to remove that GREY tone everywhere you can , work on the heroes and make them pop up and make them obvious . Make the colours of the units bright and 1 tone , not 50 shades of grey , so u can tell what the hell your looking at . Classic units have 1 colour , not 100 , that is why its so much crisper and easier to look at.
And not to forget , the green grass is too bright during the day and too dark during the night, it has to be tuned. Even the grass is a victim of the colouring process … what the hell happened Blizzard …

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That could help, but I don’t know how the recent graphics changes affect it: