The only way to play


Guys I’m sorry if this is a common question, I just couldn’t find a solid answer… Is buying reforged the only way to play old warcraft 3, because I can’t recover my old wc3 account


As long as you have your old licences you can create a new Warcraft III account for now.


you can either pre order or buy classic w3 as far as i know. i would highly recommend to pre order though.


No, you can’t buy Classic Warcraft 3 alone anymore. If you don’t have old CD keys, you have to buy Reforged, which will give you access to Classic WC3 even now with the pre-purchase. If you want only Classic, you’re best hope is to buy a used copy or perhaps check if a retailer still had old copies of the game.


There is no reason to get Reforged. It is pretty cheap (cheaper than Blizzard shop classic used to be), gives you classic and when it is released gives you Reforged. One might be able to pick up classic by itself cheaper from other retailers that still have copies, but then one does not get Reforged once it is released.

The only people who end up with a bad deal are those who already own classic since they lose that aspect of the Reforged pre order effectively making Reforged cost more for them.


I wonder if we will be able to bank and gift the classic codes if we already have the original. I have quite a few friends who might be interested in Classic even if Reforged isn’t on their radar. Could be a good gateway.