The new muted color palette is horrible for the color blind (Deuteranopia)


The original Warcraft III had very strong and vibrant color usage, and I never had to rely on any sort of color-blind mode in order to clearly see what was going on. With Reforged, the muted color palette has made the units, buildings, and terrain very similar to certain types of color blindness, this makes it difficult to visually recognize units and buildings right away. This is problematic in both a casual and competitive gameplay scenarios. This could easily be resolved by upping the contrast on the colors used and/or going for more vibrant “cartoon” like colors on units that more accurately reflect the original game.


To me, that suggestion sounds bad, and you may not percieve it as such, but I already find some units far too cartoony/brightly coloured. (The Grunts,Wolfrider, and Kodo are far brighter and more saturated than the original.)
I think they should simply add the option for players with disability or trouble identifying units to be able to turn the contrast/saturation up in game and save those preferences. It’s a common video option really, I think it would be better than changing it for everyone.

(I also think maybe the option to add a shader with black outlines or simple shading might help with that same issue without having to sacrifice the visual quality of the models.)


Good suggestion. A contrast slider would be a nice option and I think would resolve the issue without compromising what people like about the new models/textures. Color blind modes are also important, I personally don’t use them as I don’t suffer from severe color blindness, but I know others who rely on them.

Being color blind is odd because it varies greatly and is impossible to really describe to those who don’t suffer from it. I don’t doubt the game looks very vivid and bright to people with normal vision, it makes me a bit jealous, but that is why contrast options are so nice.