The Music of Warcraft 3

Hello Warcraft Reforged Community!

I was wondering if anyone have heard about them remaking the music for Reforged?

I absolutely love the music of Warcraft 3 and it would’ve been cool to see them redo it in even better quality.

Take example of the work they did between Starcraft 1 and 2 it is absolutely much better done even though it kept the same original feeling.

What is your opinion and are there any specific information about this?


I’d love to see them keep the original tracks, and then have “redone” versions mixed in as an option (that you could disable old, or new, or keep both). At this point I’ve listened to it for so long that it’s become ingrained in my psyche, and I’d miss it terribly if it ever completely went away.

Not much has been said, but the music will probably get some kind of increase in quality.

they said something along the lines of using the ORIGINAL music (no remaster) with higher bitrate mp3s


If that’s the case, I’m glad. I know they said they’d also be just upping the quality on at least the original voice acting audio for the classic version of the campaign.

So if it does extend to all sound effects and music too, A-okay. The night elf stuff in particular always stood out to me the most alongside the human tracks.