The ghost town hall

When a paesant build a new town hall there is a big problem.
It is impossibile to click on town hall, it looks like a ghost :smiley:
Infact it is impossibile to use others paesants to build it.
It is also impossibile destroy the town hall. The same chose for the enemy that they cannot attack them but they can kill the only one paesant that build it.

The same chose happens when there is the upgrade to make the keep, it is impossible click on it.

I hope you fix it as soon as possible.

For me this is already fixed now. I don’t know how neither when but now in my games, the town halls work as intended.

Edit: Now i know, blizzard has fixed this already. There’s another post about it. Here:
Unable to click on a building town hall

Thank you very much.
I missed this post

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Fixed - thanks!!! I did not like fast expoing and leaving 4 peasants stranded like that.