The Detheroc model and dreadlords armor problem


Dear Classic games team after i saw his new model in the editor and i was playing through the campaigns to prepare myself for the reforged version i just cant imagine him in that new model with the voice he has in the original. I can imagine it if you added the new voice actors to make it fit but now it doesnt make any sense with the fact that you changed your minds about the new voice actors. If you dont have the time to make a new model just switch his model with Dalvengyrs model and give the latter the classic dreadlord model ( since i dont see any new models for Anetheron and Mephistroth thats the idea im going with ) and live this Thiccaroc model in the editor for the map makers if they want to use it. And give the dreadlords models more chest armor like you did with Tichondirus and Mal ganis. Thats what they look like in War3 art dont change that you said that you want the game to have the War3 feel.