Team killers, racist people, death threats, insults - how to report them?



I’d like to ask, how shall we report immature people, who ruin our gaming experience.
These people cross the border, life threats, racist comments along with team killing in random team.
Please find a solution to clear the community, we should be able to report these individuals.
My 12 years old son went to play online (according to age ratings " 12 years and over only") and he was called names, someone was threting his life and he got team killed at the end.

Racist User, thread removed

There’s no WC3 from the dropdown, so I’d just use the option.

(also, blizz, add WC3 to the dropdown).


I’m hoping with the modern BNet integration it’ll be as easy as post-game or during the game as right clicking the person’s name, whether it’s in chat or on the ally/players screen, and picking ‘Report’ from a dropdown menu.


Support tickets at the best way of dealing with this. HOWEVER. Because of the ease of creating accounts on classic games, banning people really is a very short term measure. Since no email is required.

Once Warcraft 3 is fully integrated with Battle net 2.0 then their account with the game attached can be banned or suspended. Meaning they need to buy a new copy or wait until they’re allowed access again.

People get mad in video games, while I don’t think it should generally be punished, there is a line that can be crossed. Where it goes from trash talking or being pissed off. To being a down right, stupid to put it mildly.

As for the rating, that applies to the content of the game. Does not cover online interactions. So its up to you as a parent to judge if your child is mature enough to be online.


We have been asking them to do something about this for years. They have been totally and completely ignoring us. This is the main problem with classic team. They spend their time on dumb things like adding black bars, breaking the sound, etc. instead of working with improvements to matchmaking.


CD key would be though, right?


As long as gg ez isn’t reportable i agree.


Try muting them and ignoring them. Its the internet, other people don’t have any power over you.


Blizzard, reply to this thread please.


This is not the place for Blizzard to discuss this with you. We have told you what the right place is. You’re also violating the CoC (discussing moderation and creating duplicate threads). Please follow the instructions given to you and cease breaching the forum rules or you’ll get flagged.



This pretty much sums up Blizzard Multiplayer games in a nutshell but unfortunately it has always been like that. And it has become worse after a c00n has been elected a president.


this, right here, if your kid is going to cry for something a nobody said online, then he should be outside playing with other kids instead of being on a computer xD


You want to try again?