Sylvanas model feedback


Sylvanas Reforged models looks too modern.

I feel like they aren’t Sylvanas from 10 years ago in warcraft history and instead 10 years ahead straight from BFA.

Also i feel like i need to tell a bit about her Banshee from, in the original game, when Arthas Raised her, the model looks like a white recolored banshee and its slightly bigger compared to the actual banshees units.

I’m not sure how does the lore exactly work, but because of her lesser ghost form in warcraft 3, i always thought its an upgrade to her character that when we see her in the BFA cinmatic she looks the way she does…

it almost feels like she took control and mastered her banshee form so she can switch between both. and it feels and looks awesome.

but it only feels awesome because i saw her in Warcraft 3. i saw what she was, and what she turned into in BFA. these Reforged models just tell me:

no no no she has always looked like this, and could do all of this.

Its a hard feeling to describe ? xd it feels really odd to me.

I would have personally prefered if there was this white ghost figured new Reforged model made for her, and her actual model cloths, armor and cloak looked more dusty and worn out. so it perfectly transitions the point to the players that THIS is sylvanas 10 years ago. when she didn’t have cool armor and bow and badass banshee form.


Agree with your sentiment. This is Warcraft 3 – and this was before she became leader of the Horde. She literally does look like she walked out of BFA.

Stop using that method and put a ` on either side of the link.
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Thanks, i fixed it.


amazing how people like to b!tch about the most stupid things ffs… its looks fcking great stop whine about every fcking thing


What like your doing right now? :joy:

it’s his opinion and he is welcome to it.


The reason why Sylvanas was just a bigger Banshee in Wacraft 3 campaign wasn’t due to plot reasons, but just because they didn’t have time to give her own model or didn’t think it would be necessary.

It’s hard to tell really which one of these, as she got both her own model and a HUGE part to play in the story shortly after.

Anyhow one of the selling points of Reforged is that everything gets a unique model (which in turns means there is way more content in all of your custom games) so there is no reason for Sylvanas Banshee form to suddenly be the only reused model in the game.

It gets the point across, it’s a banshee form and it’s clearly a Sylvanas - while I understand your sentiment as to the fact she looks “too modern” I do not think making a new model for her banshee form, which in only present in a single campaign mission (and makes for a great custom unit) is a good use of resources.
I’d rather have them spend that time on creating a new model or a skin instead


Just about the face rendering, I think she was better in Heroes of the Storm. More cute ^^


Well on this matter I would have to disagree with you on bit…

Considering she is undead banshee, Sylvanas would have no reason to change her outfit over the years and that she would look mostly the same all those years after. Because she is not among the living, she cant age and also like said, she would have little reason to have her outfit changed.

So thats why I personally I have no problem with her look being almost identical to that how she looks in WoW currently. And because the original WC3 character models were so “basic” ofc due to the time the game came out, I dont really mind any of the new character models actually, aside from making Detheroc fat and looking pathetic with his tiny wings…


This banshee form makes no sence. In RoC Sylvanas didn’t have this armor. So when Arthas raises her she should be either a simple ghots like she used to be (with few customized feature probably) or she should wear her ranger outfit. What can be seen on the picture is BFA invention


Okay then please go back to Classic. You purists are literally the worst. You want to ruin absolutely everything. The model looks amazing, not like that banshee ripoff from Classic.


Can say the same to you – go back to WoW and play with your pandas and your little fox races and pokemon pets.


she has exposed skin so no I think it is authentic. she became a nun in legion for some unknown reason.


Banshee I have no real issue with a brand new model.

For me it’s more about making sure Sylvanas looks like she would have looked at the events in the timeline.

So realistically whatever she would have looked like during Classic WoW, is probably the correct look for that moment in lore.

So this is the Elf version before Banshee:

This is her during her time in WoW:
(She seems to look more like her 3rd stage) I would be curious to know what period of WoW this is.

This is her in BFA I believe:

This is her supposedly in Reforged after the change:

So to be fair it seems to be close to what I had imagined anyway.
So could be wrong on this one. :wink:


I think her model from all the undead looks the most okay.

I don’t want it to change, personally.

I like her model here more than i like it in wow even.


a…a nun…?
because she has leather armor on her belly???


I like her face, looks nice and cute. not too cute, and not too much like how she is in BFA, but Bow, Armor and Banshee form is a :-1: in my personal book.


I agree she looks like her BFA version (not that I mind). Honestly we’re just comparing sylvanas to jaina. Jaina has changed twice and sylvanas has changed only by covering her stomach. Even arthas and Illidan have moments of change.

A smoother transition would be to make her 1st banshee appearance match the undead unit more. She has blue eyes and no back wrapping wings yet. Maybe her armor is still high elf because she was just raised.

Later in frozen throne they switch and use the red eyes undead armor version as she rebels.


yeah, some little touches like that would be dope.


@stormknight @Tranquillity

This is her Dark Ranger model from The Burning Crusade, from 2007 (2 years after TFT came out):

This is her from the Crusader’s Blood manga published in 2009:

Oh, here she is in WOTLK, circa 2009-2010:

This is her design as a High Elf from the 2013 Trading Card Game:

And, here is the image you posted of her WC3R model:

Please explain how this is a “new” or “BFA” version of Sylvanas? She may not look like the did in vanilla WoW, but they’ve been pretty consistent since TBC in 2007 with what she looks like. The WC3R is actually more of a retcon of WoW vanilla than anything else, since there is now canon of her model…


You answered your own question.
To be honest.