Suggestions World Editor


Hey there! first of all thanks for the announcemant of Warcraft Refored cant be more hyped for this.I think the coummunity will do a great job on giving all the feedback that is nessecary. So I will just leave here some suggestions or better to say Wishes for the World Editor because for me it is the biggest Part of the Game

  • Give us a way to increase the Inventoryslots to more than 6
  • Give us a way to increase the number of Unit Abilityslots
  • Allow the use of more Clifftypes or Textures
  • Better Support on Copy Triggers between Maps inclouding Variables
  • New Trigger for pressing keyboard keys ’ wsad ’
  • Give us a easy way to import models/textures other assets from Heroes of
    Storm since we didnt get a Editor for Heroes
  • a M2 model support would be awesome!

I know most things i listed here you can allready do. but it should belong to the standarts!
feel free to add more suggestions for the Refored World Editor


Please also add better text format like this image:
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