Suggestion: corpses decaying slower/ building ruins remaining


I would like to suggest that corpses of dead units do not decay into skeletons almost immediately as they do in the old WC3. Instead, they should remain longer in order to create the effect of a battlefield like the Dawn of War series does. In addition, destroyed buildings should remain as a ruin.
These suggestions are only intended to change WC3 cosmetically, not the gameplay mechanics: if you build something on a ruin, the ruin will disappear, corpses disappear after the same time as they do in WC3.


it would be nice visually speaking.
just gotta make corpse-using spells work with those changes.


Agree with corpses but buildings, hell no. I don’t like to see half of my base in ruins when I’ll play against another basetrader orc on ladder!


No because of it staying longer enemy can easier detect you were on location killing creeps, which means he can search you around and easier detect your army or base.

So yes, it can change gameplay


This one makes a huge difference,

  1. Can start with spoiling your race
  2. From corpses you can find if something is freshly killed or not with this feature you won’t be able to do it
  3. If you make it longer but keep their ‘being castable’ time same it will confuse players and you won’t know for example on which corpse you can use Raise Dead
  4. If you try to solve 3rd problem with making them castable as long as they are shown then corpse-using spells will be OP
  5. Longer they stay readability will suffer
  6. I don’t even want to talk about buildings it is far, far worse what if you tried to expand in ffa but some other player stoped you? Now third person can find it out and wipe you out just because of it.