I am experiencing the exact same symptoms.

I am running a radeon rx 580.


Anyone figure out anything to help with this?

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If you guys don’t mind me asking, what OS are you running?


I’m having a similar problem, especially when trying to build, pretty long stutter. I’m currently running windows 10, the ingame fps counter shows about 100fps while it runs smooth (vsync off and shadows off) but when it stutters it drops to about 10fps.

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Is there any pattern you guys are noticing? Like it’s happening when a building is first being built, or when you start fighting your opponent?


I have noticed it happening in many games since May 2019 update.


I notice it when jumping around what im viewing. If I am creeping with my hero and jump back to my base to build something, its a hard 1-2 second freeze. it also happens when a building is first being built.

windows 10


For me the pattern i found is when i was selecting a building to place down, a small half second stutter, and bigger ones when my heroes come out of the altars (for undead and human at least)


Windows 10 x64 Professional with latest updates on OS and GPU etc.



I had the same issues as mentioned above when playing.

For me, it seem not to be related to the hardware performance. It’s more likely when new assets like sounds, graphics, etc. are loaded for the first time (and not only affecting your own created assets, but when ever a player creates a new units, new sound, the stutter will affect everyone).

It is at least my perception.

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This makes sense as that’s currently a known issue, the first time assets are loaded it can cause the game to take a hit in performance. With that being said, we have noticed a drop in performance with AMD graphics cards in particular as well, so if any of you guys are running AMD its likely a side affect of that as well.

I’d appreciate some DXDiags as well though, please send to Our compatibility team is dope and in case there are some new issues buried away in here i’d like to surface them :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the info so far guys, continue to keep this thread active, im monitoring it pretty closely.

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I sent in my dxdiag tonight. Thanks for following up.


Hi Trolef.

I thought I’d reply and give you some feedback on my situation.

I play from East Africa on a 4G (LTE) connection.
My PC stats are as mentioned in the original post.

I connected to WC3RF after the latest Beta update and the problem of micro stuttering througout the game continued for me.

I changed settings through the whole range of display resolutions and quality settings. Nothing changed that.

I then went and downloaded my snazzy WC3 and TFT which I got by purchasing RF. Installed them, created an account on Bnet of Old and loaded into a 2v2 game… Now the interesting part… I experienced micro stuttering there as well, but could I say; at reduced intervals. i.e. it was not so noticable but still there.

I then went and did a speedtest.

Stats were: 4.64 Mbps download and 3.43 Mbps upload to a South African based server with 52ms ping. I then pinged a server in London and got 216ms ping with 4.56 Mbps download and 3.73 Mbps upload.

I then proceeded by updating Heroes of the Storm, a game which gave me extreme stuttering issues in the past and the “reconnecting to your match” countdown timer. I loaded into a quick match with ping of roughly 260ms. I experienced some stuttering as the game started drawing to a close, but overall it was very enjoyable and highly playable.

Loaded into Hearthstone next and it worked well, without delay in playing cards / effect resolution etc.

Then loaded into WoW BFA and did some daily quests. During this time I saw no issues, delays or stuttering. Ping was measured as 248ms - 264ms during my time playing.

Then I loaded up CSGO and had a ping of roughly 78ms to a South African server. Played a competitive game and experienced no issues at all.

So, obviously my LTE connection could play into these issues I am experiencing in some games.

I have no experience on networking and data transfer, but a conclusion to me is that some games have different refresh intervals and different coding techniques for packet transfers. It seems that games with a more “active” communication are giving me problems whereas others with a reduced transfer rate are not (or they are but I don’t see it). If i’m not totally off base ofc.

Sorry for the long post, but I thought to really drill down on this could potentially provide you with more usable information and maybe even help out others.

I am back in South Africa in December and I’ll test on my fiber line when I am home. Maybe that magically resolves my issues.

If not then I believe it could be attributed to the ping and my distance from the server. I play on EU btw.

Thanks for Your time.

Edit: not attributing the stuttering to my internet, but just mentioning it as a possibility.


I have the same stutter issue, but it is indeed whenever a NEW unit enters the map.
As well as when you are loading into the start of a game. The game client seems to try to load every single asset model Upon entering the game, not before. So when a new unit model that hasn’t been rendered enters the fray, it takes a rought 1 to 2 second stutter, even if it’s a unit within your vision range or not.


Having similar issues with my GTX 1070 - it’s barely playable on the medium settings at any resolution. Drops from 60-70fps to 20 randomly and it’s very hard to play at any stable rate.


Similar issue with Windows 10, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and 8 GB RAM. Even the main menu has low FPS for me.


Same Problem Win10 Intel Xeon e3 1230v5 GTX 1060 16gb RAM - And problem still there after patch


I also have the same problem, also after the latest patch on Dec 4th. Maybe even more so, after the latest patch? Not sure though.

GeForce GTX 1070, latest drivers on Windows 10, Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz, 12GB RAM, resolution at 1920x1080, 75Hz.


any progress being made on this issue? I would be playing nonstop but i cant play at all. :frowning:


Same here,
AMD Ryzen 5 16000X Six-Core Processor 3.60 GHz
16,0 GB RAM
Wind 10 Pro
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Hello Blizzard?!