Stop- take a moment, and-


Stop- take a moment, and-

Ask yourself, have I been playing pre and post classic team?
Do I know enough about the game and its current state?
Was it better before?
It is necesary to make all those changes BEFORE Reforged?

The goal is to shut the f*ck up if the answer is “no” “no” “Idk” “yes”. You can give a constructive post once or twice, even 10 times, but if everything that the community is saying is falling on deaf ears, don’t be surprised if the forum is toxic af.


You know, I was present for much of the time leading up to SC:R being released. And I saw a lot of posts. A lot. I know what kind they replied to. And I know what kind they didn’t. I think I’ve seen one thread on this forum that is the type they would respond to.

Remember Tseric. Blizzard will never let that happen again.

You brought this on yourselves. Don’t play the victim.


Nice, another tourist. I’m not even going to waste my time with people who don’t even care about the game and are here just because they got baited by blizzard cash-grab.


Your loss. Whatever helps you sleep at night.


We can’t have a conversation about a topic you don’t know mate, you are wasting your time policing the manner of some posts, but thats it, you don’t add anything to this forum. Just more whining, and tbh I prefer the whining about the game than the whining about how some people write their “feedback”.


As I said, I was a part of the discussion for SC:R. You know how Pete opens his posts referencing each of the four races? Yeah, that was me. You’re welcome. Anyway, I saw a bunch of dipwads. And I saw a bunch of cool guys. And you know what? The cool guys got responses. They even got mad sometimes at Blizzard, but the way they did it didn’t drive away the team.

You know the High Templar? Well in the early SC:R days they had blue eyes. People didn’t like that. They rioted, so to speak. But they didn’t do it with vitriol and hate. And you know what? Blizzard fixed it. Red eyes, like back in the day.

Blizzard is willing to work with you. They proved that. The problem is you not being willing to work with them.

Feedback? That’s all you think I’m talking about? Logic. Reason. Rationality. One thing I noticed is that nobody here who has ever worked on a game or worked with code is getting angry with Blizzard. I wonder why.


I’m a programmer and I understand the technical issues. I’m still mad at them for f***ing up the balance harder than ever before (and taking ages to fix what they f***ked up) and for the lack of communication.


I don’t care about what happened in the past, I only care what is happening now, with THIS game. The fact that people cried about the color of the eyes of the HT maybe is an indicator that things went smoother with SC:R than with this game. I was willing to “work” with Blizzard (what ever that means, Blizzard is a company and they can do what ever the f*ck they want with their IP) the thing is they killed the game for me and many others, and I’m pretty sure they did a lot of great things for others, for example there is a lot of people happy about the bots being dead, and I would be too if they provided the same benefits that the bots did. And that is only one of the many, many problems that they will not address and I don’t feel like waiting to end of the year to find if they are going to do something about it.

Even if I tried really really hard to find the good things, I can’t. They f’cked up the pre-order launch, they f’cked up the balance, the sound, AT, Clan chats, desync is worse than ever, you can get desync in offline campaigns, killed 2 communities without servers, they even had the nerve to list as fix some of the community work around of the bugs they caused. And btw, you know that most of the people here knows how to code or works as a programmer right? Wc3 World Editor was a big inspiration for a lot of people to start coding, and Pete is an example of that. The only thing I can say is that if I ever worked like that, I would be unemployed by now.


Its different when u watch someone break something you love by doing the wrong move when you personally could have done the right one.

Its even more different when its a AAA company.

Its even more more different when they do it 15x in a row.

So no…we dont need to fight with blizzard. We need to stop giving them money and start giving them a hard time. Which is what a lot of us are doing. If they are going to ruin our beloved game…were gonna be toxic AF to them.


Seems like a healthy form of expression. You should try boxing, painting, or wheel throwing pottery. Something a little more constructive.


why this community just won’t calm the frick down?


Huurrrr lets ignore everything and quote things out of context. Practice what you preach and do something constructive, in your 400 post I was never able to find one you dummie.


I’d rather practice Warcraft 3 than seeing how close to frothing I can get on the forums, thanks for the feedback though.


There you go then, have fun in-game instead of trolling everypost since day 1.


I can do “both” (both in quotation marks because I do have some more trolly posts but also my own feedback/perspective/opinions - those are subjective and in the eye of the beholder) just fine but it’s very flattering if you’ve gone that far back through my post history.


I don’t need to check your profile, we both spend a reasonable amount of time here in the forums. Even tho I have 10 times less posts than you, I’m always reading, and I have a really good memory. And you never gave a decent well informed feedback, even when you tried. 90% of your posts consist in quoting people and leaving a cringe worthy comment with a pretty weak trolling attempt. And is funny that you try to school people in what way they should give their feedback when you trolled everyone who didnt side with Blizzard, so if the forum is not healthy and constructive maybe you should look at what you do first.

Anyway, Oliver, keep the practice going that if Blizzard doesn’t go bankrupt before the game comes out you are going to do pretty well against old players.


please don’t submit me to r/cringe

I don’t need to ‘school’ anyone, I just think there are individuals around on this platform that could take a crack at common sense before jumping to conclusions. Especially if it comes with being insufferable in their own way (not like I’m immune to that myself because clearly me posting ruffles feathers) and legitimately winds up more excessive than just passionate about the state of the game. Like the difference between flaming and critiquing.


i might admit that you two are entertaining to watch :ok_hand:


Cheers. I don’t have much feedback for Reforged specifically (and have slowed down playing Warcraft 3 a bit since I’ve been dipping a toe into several other games) since there’s been no new reveals or announcements about it. But if I can make someone chuckle without being a complete toad of myself, though I’ll take half or quarter-toading, then it’s a win in my books.


well, myself i’d like to have more informations about reforged since i planned on pre-purchasing it. but for now i’m just waiting patiently. shrug
about the game itself, i don’t have much to say except that some models and the UI need improvement. but otherwise i’m not really complaining.