Still no night elf models


I need to see these night elf models, for scientific reasons


Wait for blizzcon.



U can find Illidan’s pics on Stevan Mitrovic Twitter account.


Honestly, someone should put up pictures of all the leaked models.
Not everyone knows how to look for this information after all.

…I might just do it.


Hiveworkshop has all of those things
The single best wc3 websites there is


Scientific reasons huh? Nothing to do with an internet rule?


possible because they’re not done/ready yet. Animations, FX, whatnot. Even a lot of what we already have is broken or unfinished.


Not interested in the male models =)


They could at least show us something on the website. We’ve had all the other models to look at since the trailer.


Wowhead posted a couple before. Of the sentries and some others.


Soon enough we will have our beloved night elves… I can’t wait hahaha


Yeah so far it just seems to be like the campaign units aside from a night elf archer being showcased for one of the placeholder menu/campaign screens.


Well thats the thing.

‘at least they could’ is an ever shifting goalpost that doesn’t stop moving till the game is in everyone’s hands officially.

We’ve been given the biggest infodump in the past year. I think that’s plenty more than updating the website with a couple icons and a picture of Night Elves, which we’ve already seen.


And the infodump isn’t even strictly official! It’s all datamined from the content delivery network.


Can’t wait for female DH :slight_smile: wish they made Broken Draenei female but it ain’t gonna happen I know :slight_smile:


Don’t worry November is a long month, you can cheat a couple days.


Going off Sylvanas’s leaked model they might be interesting… I’m hoping they are terrible so I don’t have to stand outside blizzhq naked with that sign I talked about.


Idk why blizz has been so slow to move on these??