Still getting random disconnects


With the “recent” big patches in the last year/months, I know many of us got major problems with online games. The game went from perfectly fine, to crashing a lot and getting random disconnects. It got a little better though.

I just got back after a few months and so far almost all my custom games crash. After 2-3 minutes it just goes to the score screen.

It seems my ping is pretty random though. I have tested and checked my ping is a few games, including hours of Heroes of the Storm and WoW and my ping seems steady under 30 ms. In Warcraft 3, it goes from 20 ms to 1500 totally randomly and that is probably what kicks me. I have no idea how to fix that…


I have had 5 disconnects in the past day or so, seems like we’re right back to square 1 with where all these patches are leaving the state of the game.
Internet connection is fine, it’s the connection to specifically b .net that is causing the ping spikes and then disconnects