Steam Deck Warcraft 3 Reforged

Hi, I am running this game on valve’s handheld device ‘Steam Deck’. I am having an issue where the game runs and has the lion gate open, afterwards there is only a black screen with sound in the background. I have searched for a solution in the web and have had no good solution to the problem. All other games like World of Warcraft and Hearthstone are running without any problems. I have searched for a solution in the web and have had no good solution to the problem. Has anyone had this issue and if so, have you figured out a way to fix the problem ? Thanks in advance

This game does not support Steam Deck.


I really have no idea how you’re playing this game with gamepad controls. But it was designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard, and trying to play it on steam deck, even if it was fully compatible, would be an exercise in frustration.

If using steam OS (default free Linux OS for steam deck) then this is likely a problem with the Direct3D 11/Windows application emulation layer.

If you are booting your steam deck into Windows 10/11 then make sure your radeon graphic drivers are up to date. Make sure anti-virus is not blocking the Blizzard browser applications that power the main menu interface.

It is x86-64 and uses Direct3D 11. Pretty sure it does.

If it runs bug free is another issue… Especially if using Steam OS’s Windows application emulation layer.

They are not. That is the issue. The game is literally unable to start properly with the main menu being black.

What I mean is: Blizzard is not going to fix any issues specific to Steam Deck.

I know what the issue is. My point still stands The Steam Deck does not have a mouse and keyboard. Sure, you could stream over to something else, but then you may as well use that something else anyway.

It is because the game was never, past or present, designed to work with any handheld device. Heck, they barely support ordinary PCs when it comes to this game, I would not expect them to ever support the steam deck.

The steam deck is pretty much an “ordinary PC”… It uses a Zen2 x86-64 processor like a lot of ordinary PCs do and RDNA2 graphics like a lot of ordinary PCs do. Sure it uses a shared memory architecture, but so does every intel Integrated graphics in most recent Intel processors so it is not something unusual for games to be exposed to.

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I got it to run pretty easily when I first got my Steam Deck, but I forgot what I did tbh. Played through the first 2 levels of the human campaign (after remapping the controls to work with a controller) and it ran really well.

Nothing really “specialized” about it. It uses Zen2 CPU cores like in the Ryzen 3000 desktop processor line and RDNA2 graphic cores like in the Radeon RX 6000 series of desktop GPUs. Only difference is they are in a single packet like a really powerful AMD desktop APU.

That supports standard APIs and backwards compatibility libraries. Only thing special about it is to try and give you a smooth user experience, unlike normal Linux which has the tendency to break catastrophically even if you know what you are doing.

Blame Microsoft for DirectX being proprietary.

Mostly games with anti-cheat since they view anything not Windows, MacOS or Chrome as the player cheating.

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An ordinary PC without a mouse or keyboard, and specialized compact versions of hardware. And specialized linux based OS by default. Yes, it’s more or less compatible with existing hardware, and the emulation layer allows many things to work. But it’s not 100% compatible. On laptops, mobile versions of desktop GPUs are often far from 100% comptaible with the desktop versions and there are issues that will happen on one that wont happen on the other. There’s no point in arguing how much or how little the steam deck is like a regular PC, the point is, it’s simply not. it can be 99.8% like a regular PC and it’s still not a regular PC.

Mostly games with anti-cheat since they view anything not Windows, MacOS or Chrome as the player cheating.

Sure, but that’s their perogative. If they wish to employ anti cheat softeware and that software doesn’t work on your non-standard OS, they obviously aren’t going to support that.

It’s not just because of DirectX, it’s a variety of factors. You may argue the differences are small, but the fact remains there are differences.

Look, there’s no point debating just how specialized it is. There are differences between it and a regular PC. Not the least of which is its lack of a mouse and keyboard. There’s absolutely no way you can play this game properly with gamepad controls. Yes, at least one person has clearly tried, but there is no way you’re going to perform at the same level.

Some devs have, as I mentioned before, explicitly declared it unsupported. Destiny 2 IIRC is even banning people who attempt to play the game on it.

Regardless, Blizzard nor anyone else is under any obligation to support the Steam Deck. An at-minimum slightly specialized device that doesn’t exactly recreate the envrionment on a regular PC (well, not without wiping it and installing Windows on it). If you’re using unsupported hardware, no matter how similar it may be to supported devices, the game may work or may not and support will not help you.

“Does not support” does not mean “Will not work.” It means “The company will not nor is under any obligation to help you make it work.”

prior to 1.33 it actually worked on steam deck, and surprisingly well. There’s quite a few RTS games on steam that support steam deck. the controls on a steam deck isn’t even close to your standard playstation/xbox controller.

Coming in here and debating about what kind of experience, or the lack of official support doesn’t help anyone.

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It can run Windows. When running windows everything runs natively, no emulation or adapters at all. Of-course Windows OS is not optimised for the specific hardware out the box so performance is usually a little worse than Steam OS, especially with regard to battery life. Graphic performance should be the same or better though, especially if using D3D12 ultimate natively (which RDNA2 supports).

But is a “regular PC” then a regular PC? Since practically every desktop system has such variances. What about systems using AMD APUs? What about systems running enterprise GPUs? What about systems with AVX512? The list goes on and on…

The variances of the steam deck are well within “regular PC” hardware. When running windows there is a good chance practically every steam game that supports windows will run. The ones that do not likely have an obscure reason not to run, one that likely affects other “regular PC” users or will in the future.

Controls are irrelevant for this topic. The topic creator is having issues running/starting Warcraft III on steam deck. Someone else claims they have Warcraft III running on a steam deck which would mean that Warcraft III is compatible with the steam deck.

Destiny 2’s anti-cheat is banning people who are running Destiny 2 on Linux via compatibility layer. This affects any Linux user, including desktop and mobile users. Nothing to do with the steam deck directly. In fact you can run Destiny 2 on the steam deck perfectly fine as long as you use Windows 10 or Windows 11 (when supported).

Steam deck should be supported hardware because it is well beyond the minimum requirements.

  • Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 64-bit (latest version) ← Can run Windows 10 and 11
  • Intel® Core® i3-530 or AMD™ Phenom™ II X4 910 or better ← Uses much more modern and powerful Zen2 CPU.
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 450 or AMD Radeon™ HD 5750 or better ← Uses much more modern and powerful RDNA2 GPU.
  • 4 GB RAM ← 16 GB shared memory. Assuming 4 GB for OS that is 6 GB for WC3 CPU side (50% more than minimum) and 6 GB for video (12x more than minimum).
  • 30 GB HD space ← Has at least 64 GB of integrated space. This might be the only thing preventing base models without expanded storage space.
  • 800 x 600 minimum display resolution ← 1280 × 800
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It’s not irrelevant to me, and I will address it, because it’s a hardware issue related to the steam deck. It isn’t capable (at least, not in an reasonable way) of the inputs needed to control this game properly, and therefore it will never be truly compatible, whether you get the game to run or not. I.e., I’m puzzled why someone is even attempting to run this game on a steam deck.

You could make this case, sure, but doing so doesn’t support the logic you’ve been suing.

Yes, its core specs do exceed requirements. But there are still elements of the system that are custom, including the input devices (which, despite your insistance that it’s “not relevant”, is hardware that isn’t compatible with the game and therefore won’t work without workarounds like joy2key or the mechanisms that the steam deck’s OS may provide)

Ultimately, while it may be able to run windows and meets the basic requirements, the device itself is inherently incompatible with the game due to its design, not its specs. While there may be ways around this, they will be unofficial and unsupported and thus the device itself is and should be unsupported.

Remember that “unsupported” isn’t the same thing as “it doesn’t work,” but rather it means “we won’t help you if it doesn’t.” And if the game is specifically crashing/not working on all steam decks (and not just this guy’s because he changed something about it or whatever) then clearly there is some hardware or software difference rendering it incompatible.

As long as the APIs return that a keyboard and mouse is present Warcraft III will not care. How this keyboard and mouse is implemented is irrelevant to Warcraft III. If this method of input is practical to the user is another question, one not being asked in this topic…

Someone above reported they have it running perfectly fine on their Steam Deck. I am pretty sure the Steam Deck does fall into the range of supported hardware when running Warcraft III on Windows with a keyboard and mouse connected. Nowhere have Blizzard stated they will not support it. As pointed out above it fits their minimum requirements so is technically supported until they state otherwise.


I have been playing Warcraft III since release. I know very well how to play it with a mouse and keyboard. I also just got a Steam Deck and I want to run it on the Steam Deck. The issue has nothing to do with input methods. It should be able to run on the device because of the hardware properties alone. You seem to be gatekeeping the idea that someone can’t or shouldn’t play Warcraft III without a keyboard and mouse. That has nothing to do with what is being discussed. Also, why not play it on the Steam Deck controls? It’s fun. Just like playing Starcraft on N64 has its charms.

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