Sounds associated with effects created by periodic triggers play multiple times

I am still experiencing the issue mentioned in this beta bug report thread Sounds playing multiple times? . Although both the other poster and I happened to use thunderclap, I have confirmed it occurs with other special effects.

In the below video, thunderclap should play 3 times but it plays 11 times.

I bump this up. Sometimes even the voicelines from storyline dialogues can trigger twice, which feel really awkward.

Yes e.g in when Arthas kills Sylvanas, Arthas voice lines about Sylvanas gets triggered AFTER she is dead… which is kind of awkward.

Thank you for keeping this on the devs’ radar. I’m still experiencing this bug too since I originally reported it, and it’s very annoying.

Commenting in hopes a dev prioritizes this. War Stomp and Thunderclap are both examples of audio bugs that loop too many times when a special effect is created.

Still having this problem - special effects like warstomp and thunderclap play their sound like 3-4 times more, even if the special effect / unit with the model is removed!

It’s obvious this is going nowhere, but this is still a known bug for several sound effects.