So Hearthstone got a roadmap today

does a wc3 team still exist XD?


They probably outsourced the fixing of their terrible release to some Indian kid on fiver. Like i’ve said, I don’t see this game ever exceeding, let alone reaching what was inside TFT back in 2003.


So you are comparing one of Blizzard’s biggest and best funded teams to Classic? Hardly a fair comparison…

April 1st and we are getting any sign of profile/ladder.

literally 0 evidence of anything you said…but will make for a good april fools joke…How about a company acknowledging they’re incompetence and using it to troll the consumers


Yeah it’s hardly fair that consumers 2 months on are given ANY idea about the future of their game, you’re right, mb.

Difference: Hearthstone is probably the second-biggest money maker just behind Overwatch. It’s why they pump out 3-4 expansions per year.

It’s also why I quit over a year ago now. I couldn’t keep up with the pay-2-win method of $70 expansions 3-4 times a year.

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What do you mean?

We have a roadmap. They’re aggressively patching.

True, the fact that WC3 doesn’t make them money is definitely a good reason we shouldn’t have any idea what’s happening in the next 6 months. We should start a gofundme for the poor classic devs, maybe then they’ll care about us :frowning:

It’s such a simple thing. Take what you’re doing, what you plan on doing and maybe your hopes and dreams for the far future, put it on a nice background and upload it to the internet. And tada, communication and people know what’s going on.

Guess that’s just too much to ask :frowning:

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I think that’s debatable too.

Did you not also receive an update in written form what they are currently focusing on and what they will be working on in the future? Oh my, yes you did.

Is it on a nice poster that even the most feeble of brains can understand. No. It does, admittedly, take a tad bit of brain processing power to decipher them sentences - but it is there.
Did you all write it off as a lie, cover up and fake apology? Oh my yes. Yes you did.

Further “communication” is sort of pointless as they would just be repeating what they’ve already told you - do you have a tendency of repeating yourself to people, because they’re unsure what you communicated to them the first time around? No, didn’t think so either. It just subtract from the time they can work on fixes and features.

Feb 4th. “coming weeks” at this point is going onto week 7. But yeah, it’s horrible asking for

I’m sorry my “feeble brain” wants a follow up to “coming weeks”. I wonder how many other “feeble brain"ed individuals would think " coming weeks” =/= 2 months. Hmmm

You know the best part about road maps? Is they’re usually done in a way that you know what is 1 month away, 1-3 months away, 3-6 months away and/or 6+ months away. So instead of getting nonsense like “coming weeks” that to Blizzard could mean ANYTHING you actually get some kind of time frame. But hey, maybe that’s just my “feeble brain” talking nonsense /shrug

Blizzard, if you’re reading, I’ll trade a roadmap for never having to see another Ashreon troll shill post again. Can we have just have a global mute feature?



Let’s resort to personal insults when it does not suit ones opinions, because that totally works every time.

I obviously don’t know, but I’m sure you are an adult. So could you at least try to behave like one - even when you’re communicating on the internet. It works wonders.

Ignores every point I make and pivots to make this about “personal insults”

This also coming from someone who came into the thread and called me "feeble brain"ed with no provocation in a post dripping with sarcasm and condescension.

Don’t change Ashreon.

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We all know how the game is.
stop feeding the troll

Is this kinda soon 1st April joke ?:smiley:

You don’t work? Or do you not work for a boss/client who wants status updates on your progress? This is basically the customer asking for a status update on the project.

Get the frog (profanity filter oh no) down from your white horse. You made personal insults already with your “feeble brains” so don’t act all high and mighty. Get real mate, and take your own advice and act like an adult.

They did not say anything about the horrendous server issue reforged is plagued by right now. They did not say anything about disabling globalmatchmaking in versus so we dont get matched with asians and 500ping all the freakin time.
They also did not say anything about finally bringing some QualityOfLife stuff, like ingame hotkeys menu, zoom out in replays (come on its literally 3 lines of code (!), i can do that with cheatengine in 1 minute) or visible unitgroups/herosheet etc.

We still have to pay w3booster for that.
So basically in their statement they only said they are working on “leaderboards and clans” in the coming weeks.
Which honestly is the smallest problem reforged has right now.

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Make the game stable, accessible and enjoyable first. Than think about Leaderboards. Cant release ladder when like half your games are broken. Its common sense.

lol, first to insult, loses the argument, plays the victim. Nice, hope no one will notice on a public forum with a record of everything you said!