Skins discussion

New feature of skins will be avaliable, but we didnt get enough info of how its gonna look.
So here is my wish list :slight_smile:
Female Pitlord, Female Blade Master, Female Hellscream,and female Witch Doctor ( A female troll vodoo witch)

Female Arthas version(some famouse strong WoW lore female paladin alike character), Female worker + militia (could be female human archers aka amazon girl warriors,. what do you think ? ) , Female peon, Female Gyrocopter,Female Mountain King,Female Knights (influenced by Joan of Arc),Female Priest(to differ from sorceress), Female Footwoman

For undeads : Female Abomination,Female Anubarak,Female Obsidian,Female Lich, Female Skeletons,and ofcource Female Ghoul.

Nightelfs : I would like to see Female Mountain Giant, its confirmed we will have demon female hunter, and this race has its values already.

Creeps: Well this will work very hard, but for example there is Female Ogre in WoW, but since Ogres are already fat, i wonder can Female Ogre be more attractive so they dont look fat and pregnent alike…

Also i would like Reforged Jaina to be more Female than it is right now.

Female ftw? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Witch Doctors are trolls. Female witch doctors should be female trolls as well.
Also, ghouls are already female. Yup. Source ? Just trust me.

I want to see female priestess of the moon and warden , and also murlocs, female naga sea witch would be so cool too, female sheep for polymorph , female summons for Beastmistress, female dark ranger

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Witch Doctor is troll ya, sorry for mistake. So female witch troll for him

And about ghoul i forgot lore : ,A sluaghter took place, and townhall people were wiped out. A plague fog cover the dirth and humans start their metamorphosis, even the weak ones werent skipped by this madness, a woman that were giving a birth to a young child begin her journey into the death,slowly,painfully her body got corrupted with growing fungs and claws…

End so on, story continues,but its 100% proof ghouls are females.

So ye they are something like zombies, you are totally right.

But still i want them to be more attractive as female :slight_smile:

:crazy_face: genius trolling
Your mom must be very proud


Yeah people asking one hell of ‘complex’ skins and much more weirdly asking female skins for ‘their pleasure’ makes people go trolling like this…

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You call me a troll?Why insult other people…

Imagine we can give King Arthas a female name like - Princess Arthashnida or something like that, and ofc she to have a nice skin with some light-weight hammer (cause she wouldnt be able to carry that hammer from Reforge) ?

But that wouldnt be lore accurate -.-
So i am thinking, is there any famouse female paladin to have nice spells in WOW?

You got my point brah

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What?!?!? You said females can’t carry as huge hammers as males?!?!? YOU ARE A RACIST CONSERVATIVE DOG!!!11111111


Radical Feminism even in WC3. Just seek of it.


Sir low your tone when talk with me, i am a lady .

But i am glad you defend women so i support 1 part of your comment !

And about hammer : its because it would be too hard to carry, cause reforged is depicting realism…

Aw, don’t flora get love too? More female trees needed - can you show me even 1 in game?

(also, rocks).


Well i never heard for female trees, but for example we need female plant of marijuanah in reforged.

Why so many female characters? And damn … female skeletons? Abomination? Seriously? It’s stupid, stupid to do the female version of Arthas, of course women are a lich, women are zombies too … but why push the rest? I do not think that they will take this up!

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They didn’t say female skins for every unit/hero.

They said they are planning on female skins for existing heroes. And we see that with the Demon Hunter concept art.

Everything else is a game of telephone. They aren’t even planning on army skins, just Hero skins for melee.


I am trolling bros, a lot . I am prooving with my threads among many other trollers, that this forum doesnt work and my biggest concern our message will never be passed correctly to devs.
I got a a mind that knows how to generalise, and i rly can rise above and see the issue in the system. Not that good at specializing things

We really need subofrums, this forum is madness .I contacted support 7 times and always another guy comes and they say not enough people with this type of threads. Even there were 4 threads rofl WHICH I GAVE LINK TO GAME MASTERS!


Note, those sections are temporarly until official version comes out. We rly need sections : Like or Not Like - its must have.

Support this idea and create threads plz, on your own way,

i give you a hint now :slight_smile:

Lock all current and previous discussion - make it previewable,but not be able to reply anymore.

We need more capital general sections like this :

1.Things you like in reforged
2.Things you didnt like
3.Ideas,Suggestion,Future expectations
5.Other (here you can put all key sensitive key things to be discussed)

In this way an employer who is in charged to pass the message to DEVS and Lemonade studio that is remastering Warfraft 3, can easily see what we LIKE or NOT. in 2 clicks.

You can even put sub-forum inside every capital section like


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I want the Female Archmage to be like Jaina Proudmoore.

I want half-robotic Abomination riding a giant frog or murloc = which carrys a christian crusade shield and a sword.

Also a cooking chief hat for Abomination with superman cape on back and personally carrying Captain America shield.

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The fun part about that, Runic, is that they’ve confirmed a Jaina-on-horseback (to maintain the typical Archmage stature and silhouette) alternate model.