Simple/Cheap ways to improve Warcraft 3

Edit: Note that this was posted before Blizzcon Warcraft III: Reforged Deep Dive Panel

Re-render or Upscale old cinematics:
I understand that Blizzard is keeping the campaign cutscenes the same (with new models), keeping the old sounds and not doing any more new cinematics (except for the intro one). I’m cool with that. I understand that that stuff requires a lot of resources/time/money. A simple solution that would please the majority is to just re-render the old cinematics into a higher resolution/HD. Or even just upscale the old video files or something using modern algorithms/tech. Plus, I’m sure they have the original cinematics at a higher res than they could fit on the little CDs. And I would also hope that they could finally do the Arthas/Illidan final fight justice. I know they ran out of time back during TFT release.

Compstomp Match Making:
Also, would be cool to have a better AI, that is similar to the AMAI (it’s a really good AI made by a modder that is 10x smarter than the built-in wc3 AI). And then have a comp-stomp match making mode where a bunch of players try to beat up on one or more computers. This would welcome in more casual players (which would mean more people buying skins, more money, etc)

Also, I wonder whether the Arthas vs Illidan fight will be changed. It’s not exactly a cutscene.

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Thank you! I had not seen that news on them remastering all 9 cinematics. That’s basically what I was hoping for.

I believe that the Arthas vs Illidan fight is a cinematic that was just cheaply done/rushed. I do hope they can fully re-do that one and not just remaster it. It was terrible compared to the other cinematics.

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It was actually a cutscene in a way - those were unique in-game models.

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My guess is it’s just redone in the game engine with the new graphics, same way it was originally made. One reason being that if they made it an actual cinematic, it would most likely stand out from all the other (older) cinematics and not really fit in. Other being that it would simply be very expensive and time consuming, which is the reason they are not remaking all the cinematics in the first place.

Edit: This is just confirmed in BlizzCon - it will be remade in the game engine.

No, no, no! It is changed and remade! Watch out! For the panel has spoken and shown a glimpse of it!

Yeah, it is remade in the game engine, but it’s not an actual cinematic.

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