Server selection button & observers button

you added zoom on the PTR, thanks, good job, but it was not a priority. I myself can add zoom to maps for my tournaments, it’s not difficult.
ATTENTION‼️ which is really important‼️

  1. Add a server selection button!
  2. Displaying the player’s ping in the lobby!
  3. Move the “observers” button to the map selection menu!
  4. Add a couple of servers between Western Europe and Asia.
  5. Add the reconnect function.


  1. it is important to be able to select a server manually (for me as a tournament organizer). there are various formats of tournaments and I am always for equal ping between players, BUT it should not exceed 130 ms‼️ (this is the maximum for competitive Warcraft)
    Example: we are creating a lobby with players P1(Europe), P2(Europe), P3(Europe), P4(Asia). A server is randomly selected and all players get a ping of 200. Yes, it’s a equal ping for all, BUT it’s impossible to play! and for everyone. This is completely unacceptable for competitive pro & semi-professional Warcraft.
    result: we have to recreate the lobby and start the game again until the ping becomes 30 - 25 - 45 - 350
  2. it is important to see what the ping will be in the game.
  3. it’s just as STUPID as possible that you need to press the button 1 time to add observers *(in tournament games this is mandatory and always done) and then press it again to create a lobby! Please fix this.
  4. I understand that it depends on the management of the company, so point 4 is more like a desire. do whatever is above plz.
  5. the reconnect function has been implemented on w3c&netease servers for a long time. If it’s not difficult, add it plz.
    Mr.Light/RoboGoblin (tournament organizer)
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