Russian localization of Arthas

Russian voice of Arthas made disgusting. Many players on different platforms are asked to replace the voice actor and resent this attitude to your favorite game.
Everyone understands that in the new version of the game the voice actor has been replaced, for obvious reasons, but the new voice actor is just terrible. The voice acting of Arthas is made as if by a random person from an underground passage, who heard about emotions only on the day of recording and does not know how to use them at all. I believe such a voice-over spit in the face of all fans of the game in Russia from their own localizers and outright hack.
On behalf of people from Russia who love Warcraft 3 since childhood, I ask you to change the voice of Artes in the Russian localization!


Hello, developers. The voice acting of Arthas, in WarCraft 3 Reforged, in Russian localization, is just awful. The feeling that he is voiced by a person without the ability to express any emotions. In places, as if Uther’s boot was pushing him, he squeezed himself out “For Lordaeron.” Arthas got a voice that his father never dreamed of. The man who voiced Arthas and the Lich King in WoW WotLK, also in HotS, and then the Lich King Bolvar in the Legion, Artyom Kretov, did his job with dignity and perfectly joined the character role. Until the game is released, please fix it.


The voice acting of Arthas and the Archmage is not a professional performance of their work as voice actors. It is unfortunate that Medivh’s voice is likely to be mediocre (judging by the introductory video), but we don’t know yet. Where is that wisdom and slight arrogance in the voice of magicians, emotions and anguish in the words of the prince?
No one will return what was, this is true, but do it differently, in a new way, but good. So that you can empathize with these voices.
I really liked the voices of orcs and other heroes that have already appeared on the Internet. Yes, we are used to the voices that we remember from childhood. But the new voices are also very good, and they can decorate the work done to improve the visual component of the game. But a fly in the ointment can ruin everything.
Therefore, I would very much like the protagonist of the cult game to be voiced perfectly.


All new voice acting falls short of the old vanilla voice acting/localization by SoftClub!
Need a button to switch to the old voice acting! Please do it!!!


I agree with them, because Arthas in Russian localization, including the Archmage, deserve worthy voices that correspond exactly to the characters in appearance and character


It makes no sense to say that it is impossible to surpass the softclub team, this is not necessary. New actors (not all) may well sound their characters, but almost every lines heard is uttered without emotion. The actors simply read the text from the sheet, making no difference for the remarks that need to be pronounced calmly, with enthusiasm, or for threatening phrases, everything is said monotonously and without delving into the character whom they voiced at the moment. It needs to be changed, otherwise a solid part of the localization will be a waste of money


Arthas’s re-dubbing is probably the hardest work of all the dubbing of the game — the character has the most speech. I do not hope that the character will be voiced. Although according to what we managed to hear, it really sounds dry and a little detached - as if the actor needed to voice a large amount of text in a short period, not only was the voice significantly lower than even the version from World of WarCraft by Artyom Kretov, but the text seems to be read on a piece of paper. Honestly, I do not want to judge him. Maybe in the original he was far from being so charismatic as Vikhrov had made him in his time …
However, I beg you to change the voice of the archmage. Is there really no quality control in Blizzard? Really no one see that the master of magic, the supreme sorcerer and the professional of intellectual research sounds like a disabled person with Alzheimer’s disease or a cartoonish image of a non-traditional hairdresser. The wizard should not sound like that. He should not constantly walk with his mouth open, swallow air and be surprised at everything (yes, the image from the film is terrible). And this character has a minimum of speech - he almost does not participate in the campaign. The maximum is one mission where the archmages defended Dalaran.

P. S. It is very bad that Rokhan speaks without an accent. Is he a troll or not?


I agree with the above. Some voice actors don’t try. I want a strong energetic Arthas.


I really like some of the new voices. Rok’han and Drek’ther for example. But Arthas… He just doesn’t sound like he’s trying his best. For example : when he’s supposed to be angry, the actor just sound like a fragile girl.


I agree with all. In Russian localization, the voice acting of Arthas came out bad. What is the problem, someone can ask?
Firstly: too old voice for the young prince. The actor is clearly over 40 years old.
Secondly: the voice is unemotional. The actor almost does not play with intonation. Zero emotions in it.

I hope that our supplications will be heard!

P.S. The Russian voice acting of the Archmage is like a joke. So bad that it’s even funny.


I can go through the story with my ears closed (I can already voice it for my family), but please give me the opportunity to switch to the old SoftClub voice acting.


This is not a solution of the problem. In addition, it seems obvious that even if in the end there is no opportunity to directly change the voice acting to the old one, then someone will do it.
The topic is not about that. The dialogs will be changed in the campaign, therefore the characters really need to be re-voiced.

P.S. Why diferent actor voicing Arthas, why not actor from WoW? Why Jaina voiced by someone else (also an actress with a boring voice and without emotions), and not the same actress from the same WoW, although she just recently voiced dialogues for new patch? Why is an Alliance employee so terrible? Why tauren and peon are speaking like imbicils? Etc., big questions for the voice acting of some characters.
As if they were some drafts and in the normal version there will already be real voice acting. I would like to believe, but we have heard too many voices of the characters, so it is hard. Even based on the fact that some characters are voiced masterfully, for example: Kael, naga-warrior, knight, Sylvanas, Lady Vashj…


Many heroes are voiced disgustingly in Russian localization. What happened to the energetic hot-tempered Arthas? Has he become a reasonable mumble? What? The Spiritspeaker speaks with a pronounced accent, a joke of his phrase about “where did the accent go?” just in this. How can you keep this joke in the voice acting, where there is NO ACCENT ?! But no way. There are no jokes left.


At first I thought the problem was with individual characters only. But then I heard the old phrase of a unit and new version. The difference surprised me. Even with good voice acting, the old one was more lively.

«Warcraft III: Reforged» — Озвучка 2002 vs 2019 // Сравнение дубляжа - YouTube (with time code)
Great example of a awful direction.
In the new version, the hero has no accent, and then he says that the accent is gone. And there are enough such jambs. Maybe I’m too old for that …


I agree, Arthas’ voice could’ve been more emotional. But I’m more pissed by the actor that voiced the Archmage


What a disgusting new Russian localization. Just disgusting. If she stays that way, I’d better not play at all than THIS.


Well, this is your choice. We are here only to report a problem.
But to say that you will not play because of a couple of poorly voiced units … This is stupid. You’ll rather punish yourself :slight_smile:


Confident developers, your company has always been famous and distinguished for superiority in games, in this regard, everything is in order, the archmage and arthas were re-voiced in the Russian voice acting Warcraft3 Reforged. The voice of the archmage should be senior, not young.The voice of the Arthas should be young , not senior. I sincerely hope that my appeal will be read.


Agreed. Current voices of Archimage and Arthas are just out of character for both of them.


Greetings from Russia. I also write in support of replacing the dubbing actor Arthas Menethil. That’s just terrible! Nightmare! We do not ask to artfully voice Arthas, we are all human beings and we all understand perfectly, but … It could have been better. 10.17.19 I stood at the mirror for 20 minutes and voiced Arthas Menethil’s remarks in Russian much better than that dubbing actor. I do not have a theater education, but even I can do better! I ask you, Blizzard, do something! Contact the Russian-speaking localization company and show them these comments. Thank.