ROC battlenet shutdown


I can’t play TFT, (yeah I know - get good etc). I’ve been playing ROC online since forever. I’m used to the maps, hot keys, prices, cheeses, anti-cheeses, where people expand and so on.

I bought Reforged as soon as it was announced.

I wouldn’t have done this if I’d known what you were going to do, force players onto TFT. I understand the decision behind it, its 17 years old after all.

Will there be an opportunity for a refund for Reforged for ROC players?


I am mad about the fact RoC is dead even though I don’t play RoC (I posted about it here)

but I honestly don’t feel bad for anybody who pre-ordered… its never a good idea to pay for something before you understand fully what you are buying. pre-orders are always a scam, even if the game is good, the industry is run on pinching pennies. Learn patience if you want value, preordering is just saying “here take my money damnit” and the industry will never change if people keep falling for it

same with microtransactions, skins, etc… which is also getting added to Reforged… its all just penny pinching… lets just hope they don’t add loot boxes *crosses fingers

Do you pay for food before you see it? (only if its crappy fast food)


The one thing I’ll say (aside from RoC being inaccessible is a bummer) is that their word choice seems kind of… deliberate?

Disabled just stands out to me as a funny selection. It could mean absolutely nothing but the optimist in me reads it as ‘switch flipped off right now’.

The other thing to keep in mind just for context and discussion’s sake is that they haven’t gutted Diablo 2 (you can still make non-expansion characters), you can pop into BattleNet under the original Starcraft and not Brood War, and they recently re-released Warcraft 2 and Diablo. Which you can still hop onto BNet with. Blizzard hasn’t ever really gut or shut down a game’s multiplayer before, so all I can really say is them knocking ROC out for good would be a big surprise if the current standing holds.


we can all cross our fingers and hope RoC can easily be “re-enabled” but if that was true then they should step up their communications… that’s an even bigger issue is the lack of communication. IF its possible to re-enable RoC does that mean that current RoC accounts which cant log in will be saved? that would be surprising but I think they would have said something like “don’t worry its only temporary” but no they are silent


Good point KingOmlette, some clarification would be great though.


They did say they’d bring it back in the fall with Reforged Launch. Its just on Hiatus for the summer.


Absolutely. Blizzard’s communication has been suffering across all their games, whether it’s radio silence or non-answers or half-answers.

I would assume so, since all that information and data is stored server-side rather than with our clients.


Do you have a source for that please Rob?


it doesn’t matter if they store it or not, its set to erase accounts after X amount of days of inactivity, and that system sometimes deletes accounts that are barely even 3 months inactive, and once an account is gone they cant bring it back (theres no backups) if they haven’t got RoC working chances are they don’t care about backing up a few old accounts :frowning: sadly


I guess we’ll have something definitive either way.

Whatever technical issues could be happening to prevent Reign of Chaos from being enabled right now get solved and the switch is flipped back to the ‘on’ position. Or the much harder line of 3 months from now, nothing’s happened and people’s accounts have been wiped while Reign of Chaos is/stays inaccessible.


I also don’t want they shutdown the RoC bnet because it would mean the end of its ladder, Roc has different gameplay from TFT and it should remain, otherwise it would mean a loss of features for Reforged compared to Classic…


Ah I miss read…

It was for AT. However, My guess would be sorta the same thing for RoC. Although, by closing it could also mean not enough players were playing it to actually benefit running a server still.


Why should Blizzard change though? Blizzard have been great lately. Reviving BW, reviving WC3… The best Blizzard has been since 2004 when they gave in to the gods of money and released that MMO!