Rexxar campaign still broken after patch 1.35

There was another 1.35 patch today 01/21/2023, which I found strange. Ended up being ‘too good to be true’ - the bonus Orc campaign appears to still be broken. The game won’t load the final mission (act 3: Blaze of Glory - kill Admiral Proudmoore). Goes to the win screen, but Continue just sends you to the campaign menu. Looks like another fix is needed.

To clarify: After completing the ‘Break the blockade’ mission in Act 3, seems to go the win screen after the cutscene. Clicking ‘continue’ sends you back to the campaign menu, rather than the final mission.
Clearly there is another broken script connecting the two missions. Please patch ASAP.


Same thing here.

The exact same thing also happened to me after finishing Acts I and II. This required a game restart and manually starting the following act. So you atleast have a work around for that. But doing that on Act III just restarts the act from the start. It’s almost as though the game thinks the campaign is over after completing Blaze of Glory.

Super frustrating after waiting 5 months for them to fix the first bug.


Good to know it wasn’t just me. I jumped into the game after months away to find it broken. Another broken script linking the 2 missions/maps together.


I too have this issue.
Hope it will get fixed soon!
Its like watching a series, and then missing the last finishing episodes.
Very frustrating


I’ve also got exactly the same issue, have you had any updates since?



This is a slightly different issue with the 1.35 patch. Our team is aware of this and working to fix this as soon as possible.

Thank you.

This same issue has been present since last August when 1.33 launched. Perhaps the dev team could make a known issues thread?

Hello, I’ve been waiting for some time with this exact same problem. Is there a solution on the way?

when are u guys actually going to fix it? been way to long, do something about it blizzard, u betrayed the people who paid for this game twice, much worse than when arthas betrayed the mercenaries , but oh wait we cant even play that missioin anymore either

fix the game blizzard, i wont be waiting much longer for this fix, legal action will be taken for your sorry excuse of a remaster, you guys ruined one of my favorite games, something better be done

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