Rexxar campaign missing

I just gave it a try, and it did. I didn’t need to reset the campaign like GriM did, so if it doesn’t work, try that.

Okay, so now with this, it’s my understanding that all missions and campaigns are finally in Reforged?

Edit: and possibly Classic?

The bonus campaign test I did above was in Classic, so hopefully the fix carries over to Reforged.

The last three Prologue mission are for sure in Reforged. They are however not currently in Classic.

So Rexxar is back in Warcraft 3 Classic, Prologue missions are not but Prologue missions are back in Reforged yet Rexxar is not. Dx Well, this is fun. -lol-

Hi when I am playing the second act, I am going from the main map to the coastal base map during the loading screen I get a victory screen and the game end. is there a fix for this?

Is the Bonus Campaign not unlocking in Reforged? It was fixed in Classic, but I don’t have reforged to test it in.

Honestly, I don’t know I thought maybe you had the info from another post. I knew from a different post that apparently Prologue 3, 4, 5 and Rexxar was missing from I think both Classic and Reforged.

Ah! Just that Bliz posted that the Rexxar campaign being stuck in a locked state was addressed in yesterday’s patch. From there, I gave it a try in Classic and it was indeed fixed. I just can’t test Reforged since I don’t have it

For clarity, Leviathan. It was only broken in Classic mode, it was always working as intended for Reforge users.

Wait, so Prologue Chapters 3, 4 and 5 that was missing and Rexxar are now back in Reforged and work properly in Classic again?

Hi there.I got the new problem,iv’e got Reforged not the classic.Campaign Rexxar ACT II is bugged.I do that ACT II Rexxar 4 Times!!!.Do everything.We need help for that.The funniest problem is… i got ended ACT III and it’s ok,campaign accepted that on high.So i got ACT I and ACT III accepted,but not the ACT II.BLIZZARD it’s lots of time to do Rexxar campaign. PLS HELP US ! I wanna PORTRAIT i do all campaign…

Here’s an idea, how about you use the search function for a bug that has at least 5 threads about it…

Classic does not unlock the portraits. They are for Reforged only. Just like the three extra missions in Thralls Campaign.
These things are intended. One blue post said that in another thread

Ah awesome! Thanks. This will be helpful to when passing along the situation on the Prologue and Bonus campaigns.

Just to make sure, the final three?

Can you link to that? I want to bookmark it to use when others are asking.

I’m not sure if I copied this correctly. But it is blue in the original thread.

That’s perfect, thanks!

They were available in The Frozen Throne, why remove access from classic users?
Also the Rexxar campaign finally unlocked after legacy of the damned so kudos for that at least.

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same here… I cleared the bonus campaign a couple of times but I didn’t get the portraits

It’s a known issue that’s on Bliz’s list. The workaround for now is to load up Act 2 at the beginning, then use the cheat code allyourbasearebelongtous. That will auto-win the mission, register it as complete and award the portraits.