Regarding the new prompt text

Currently using Public Test Realm’s (v1.33.0.19019) World Editor…

I am working on this map with the PTR version of the WE, and when I preview an ability’s or unit’s model (with popcorn FX), it prompts me the new error message at the bottom of the program’s screen. Someone suggested me to “delete the .pkb file […]”. But the thing is, the asset I’m previewing are from the base game and are not custom models or popcorn FX. I was wondering if this will get fixed as right now, the PTR ver. of WE is considering the base game files “old” and that I need to “try rebaking assets”, and I hope it won’t come to redoing the whole map again from scratch, which is extensive work. I tried making a new map and previewing the same models, and they didn’t give me the error message which I fear my assumption is correct.