Refunding reforged has revoked forum access for two players

Hi Skelgarer & Thacaamar
am getting worrying reports from Reddit’s wc3 community forum. I’ve noticed 2 people not being able to participate in the forums here. All subthreads are locked. It appears that they lost access after refunding reforged, even tho that they own ROC and TFT cd keys. Game Masters can’t help unfortunately as they got no tools to grant access to the forum.

If this was a completely new game I wouldn’t care to debate if people that don’t own the game shouldn’t have access or not. However, since classic wc3 and reforged was merged, it comes with a liability to that.
Needless to say, if players own ROC or TFT they shall have the same forum access. I hope it’s just my imagination thinking that blizz is purging stratholme, if you get my drift^^.

If someone took a decision to revoke access to it, I want names. Not really asking. We’re gonna have chat. Yes, it a threat. as in we’re gonna have a conversation. Noting else. Calm down…

I hope that this bug that effects players get resolved :slight_smile:

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In order to post on the WC3R forums, there must be a game license/key associated with the Battlenet account. That’s true no matter the situation. There are two ways to get access to the forums.

  1. Owning Reforged. This will add a game license to the battlenet account. Refunding Reforged will remove the license so forum access will be lost as well.
  1. Linking a RoC CD key to Battlenet account. This will permanently associate the key with account and will add a game license as well (in the same way as owning Reforged).

So it’s not so much a matter of deciding to remove forum access with a Reforged refund. It’s simply the requirement of a game license to access the forums.

For example, I don’t own Reforged but I do have a RoC key linked to my Bnet account, thus I am able to use the forums.

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They have obviously already registered the keys to bnet. Am not sure what you are adding to this post. was I unclear or something?

You have better grammar and wording. I’ll give you that. your logic is however not. In that I mean your last sentence, above that you are very correct.

again as I know from what I can tell. access has been revoked after a refund was made. that is retroactively removed. Access should be granted by default. regardless if you’re owning reforged or classic. in that, we’re on the same page.
You can’t say it’s not a matter of deciding if to remove access or not. because you can’t simply know that. Period.

I know your type. you get a rush from ‘‘winning’’ arguments wich complex formulation and grammar, making the conversation include some indirect irritations and triggers frustrations than to invalidate or validate someone argument, when people get triggered you enjoy it.
There is one thing people like you fear. that is getting caught, as people figuring out what your intentions are, you get scared. Real scared.

The medical term for this persona is a psychopath. As they say, every third person you meet is one. Best way to deal with one is just to reflect the behaviour. No matter the persona.

I already know how you are going to respond (and your other 100 ways too). Am giving you a window to save your self. I suggest that you take it and go on with your life.

Because if you test me. You will fail.

Na am just joking with all above, haha. was boring for a bit. Hope you can take the joke well :slight_smile:
Seach for ‘’ It’s Friday then Saturday Sunday What…!’’ on youtube, you’ll love it

This is already how it works. I have only Classic.

As a forum MVP, I have contact points with customer and technical support. What I said above is how it’s intended. Generally speaking, the Tech Support forums are accessible even without a game licesnse. It may help if those you see reporting elsewhere came here to post. If it catches Bliz’s attention, they may be able to look into a possible bug.

Other than that, I don’t know what else to say. I also refunded Reforged, but because I have a RoC key linked to my account, I didn’t lose forum access.

What you just wrote it’s typical to your persona if people can’t make an argument you or somehow prove that they are right, they are wrong.

What’s also typical it that you have no insight into your self. You keep saying your right with asking for details. you leave it up other people to prove that you’re wrong before you even consider it your self. Also typical for a psychopath.

I gave you a chance to move on. Since you choose not to. am going to clarify your behaviour for everyone to see.

Here he quotes a sentence out of context, gets any advantage he can to validate his own arguments. in other words to ‘‘win’’ points.

Here he does the same thing again, he adds him a forum MVP and that he has someone kind of rank indicating that should make whatever statement his making valid.
a good thing to remember is that am going to prove him straight wrong and he’s going to keep doing the same thing over and over again. To put it in perspective it’s like catching one with one’s hand in the cookie jar. you can deny all you want. The hand is still in the jar.

Now. if they could write in the technical support chat to address this, wouldn’t they? they can’t. what other reason would I make a post about it? It’s not my job to inform you about everything or prove to you that am right or wrong. it is, however, my duty to keep people like you in check. Not for my sake. But for all the people you abuse. We’re done.

Hey there Only,

Arguing isn’t getting this issue anywhere. Leviathan is trying to help with the issue and just did some troubleshooting on his end which confirmed your report. After confirming that relogging stripped him of his posting ability, he flagged me down to check this out.

Please try to keep this on topic and avoid further infighting so we can get this resolved. I see the reddit posts which appear to have started showing up out of nowhere a few days ago. Going to forward this to some folks to see what we can find out about this but this does not appear to be intentional.

Thanks for letting us know nonetheless.

Hi Drakuloth
Thank you for the information. I agree that arguing isn’t getting us anywhere.
That being said.

I have 5 years in customer service and I can with a confidant say that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable as a consumer or as a service advisor. (not that you Drakuloth has done anything wrong. Just talking in general terms)

Regardless if someone helps to solve the issue or not. they way it’s done it’s not ok. But am not going to say what’s what without giving constructive feedback.

Firstly let’s get a thumb rule. If I’ll come into your post I’ll adapt my self to you and if your get into my post you adapt your self to me. When I say adapt am more referring to mimic the other person behaviour, language style confirming what they think so on. This is how we generally socialize and how we get people to like us.

By ignoring to address the other person point of view, thoughts on the subject you come off as rude and disrespectful. it doesn’t matter if you solve the problem.

Am going to rewrite the first comment in more respect and caring manner.

Again it doesn’t matter if he contributes to solving the issue or not.
I hope he can take this feedback well. I won’t exactly be following him around. But if he wants to participate in any future threads that am making, he can do so as long as he does that in a respectful and caring manner.

That aside. am grateful for you addressing the issue openly and honestly, just confirmation that you are aware helps me and the community a lot

Leviathan is a volunteer and was acting within our expectations of him all throughout this thread. He gave the intended behavior for the system in case it was just user error - which historically have been the problem when this occurs. Right now, it seems that something’s bugged, which we wouldn’t have been able to figure out without some testing and troubleshooting.

While I understand that your expectations weren’t met here, this is simply because you seem to have a different expectation of a forum MVP. We do proactively monitor MVP posts to see if there’s anything egregious, and in this case there isn’t.

Please keep in mind that Blue posters like myself are the customer service group, and MVPs just help us out out of good will and investment in the game and community. As he is not a member of customer service, but a volunteer, your feedback while noted is neither appropriate for setting expectations of a volunteer nor for a technical support topic.

From here on out, please focus on the tech support topic at hand. Anything further on other posters in this thread may be removed as it’s not constructive to the issue we’re discussing and will detract from using this thread to notify the players who are having this problem of updates.

In the mean time, we’ve done some testing and have escalated the situation with the information from a couple affected accounts. We don’t have an ETA on a resolution yet because we still need to find out what’s going on and why this behavior started, but we’ll let you all know when to retest things.

That I can sympathize with. I do apologize from coming off on you like that.Leviathan
I honestly had no expectations on what an MVP does or does not do.
it was simply another player to another player, my reaction is not your fault and that feedback has been noted.
I also can sympathize on how frustrating for a company to start investigations, wich ends up being user errors, in short, wasting resources.

Thank you for the clarification. appreciate it a lot.

Hands-on the issue, thanks for an update again. If there would be any need for this effected players to get in contact with you in the future, I’ll be happy to share this post. If so it might be good to include an email as a suggestion. I’ll know you let us know if you guys need anyways. Was just a proposal. Thanks again, both of you.


The people who lost permissions seem to have them back now. Can you ping any affected friends and have them retest?

If they aren’t able to initially, log out and back into the forums. I had to do that to get the permissions to update.

Hey guys, Thanks for reaching back. am sorry for not being able to get to you sooner. I’ve asked if he got access back, but haven’t received a reply yet, but I also haven’t seen anymore post about this issue. So I’ll assume the issue has been fixed until further notice. Thanks for your effort!