Reforged - somehow shaders and post-processing of the demo version of the Сon 18 returned

Today I saw a stream of one guy, he somehow added the level of the picture of the demo version of Con 18, activated the shaders and shadows, completed the work of the Blizzard? how is this possible?


WOW!! Very dark for my liking, but it still looks good.

Amazing! Looks realistic and vivid! Better than the currently Reforged Colors/Saturation and Graphics. Reforged needs better graphics and more options for Colors/Saturation/Graphics to looks better or something like this video! The youtube video starts in 8:10


I agree! Interesting. This guy drew one stream - he says that he was not able to solve the problem with portraits, there is incorrect display of artifacts and more. He also can’t understand how to fix the display of the mod in the dark and in some dark scenarios in the form of caves and similar locations, the picture goes to a too dark failure, he sometimes had to turn off the modification in these scenarios, I also noticed that he solved problems with displaying too contrasting and bright green grass - now it looks acceptable.

Nature and map overall can be darker and realistic for me but the units in reforged NEED to be bright! So you can see and distinct units in fighting.

But they done it vice versa. Map is bright and units are dark, especially at night.

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Lol the game does need the shading reworked but this is way too extreme lol. it looks pretty bad actually but at least people are trying.

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Anyway Reforged graphics needs to have new/updates shadow, lights and trees.


Looks better but a bit dark, the demo was balanced , its all about lighting, i hope they fix that, they obviously have issue with that, and as soon as they hire new dev to make new UI and perhaps fix other things as well.


Here’s my edit
The demo colors were way better in my opinion cause were less sharp and bright, better for the eyes, relaxing.

It’s just an OBS filter, it looks really bad tbh, there is no balance, everything is just dark… There is no pronounced shadows, the overall picture is just darker.

Not. As it turned out, he did it through a special utility ReShade.