Reforged is using 500 GB on my computers

Hi. I have two Windows gaming PCs at my two locations that I travel between. One of them has 200 GB used by Warcraft Reforged, and the other has 300 GB used by Warcraft Reforged.

This is because every time Activision releases a patch, I copy the previous patch so that I still have the data because I expect that Activision will ruin things. For example, each computer has Warcraft III Patch folder with the 1.32.10 game version that is the last patch created by the passionate but underfunded original team. And so if I wanted to make a custom Reforged map and be sure it was going to work, I would most likely use that World Editor.

Elsewhere I also have many other copies, like 1.32.0 backup with the original Reforged Beta in case people ask me for things like the original Doom Guard Reforged model or the upright standing Night Elves who animate differently before they were given the hunchback to make them triangles from the bird’s eye Grubby view.

Now, because of the stupid campaign revert, I will probably always have the Warcraft III Patch folder using another 30 GB on each Windows gaming PC, in case I want to play the version of the campaign with the advancements and balance changes that I heard so much about even though I have a job and I never made the time to play this latest campaign version yet.

All in all, when you cause a technical user to spend 500 GB of their life on these copies, although it is physically possible to do that it is a dumb reality. Would it be possible for you to stop making a dumb reality, and make one patch that contained all things and worked for all people in all cases, expressing a sense of gumption and a feeling that your employees believe in what they are doing like the 2020 folks that got laid off, rather than the present day feeling that your employees are simply following the data?

with the possible exception of the current patch we have now, this is largely pointless and you should delete most of that 500GB.

The updated campaign does need to be preserved, however.

No normal user is going to do this though.

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Wow! Nice one! I also was thinking about saving old game, so I can watch old replays.

I disagree with you, Reforged Gil. The original reforged team was terrible. Why?

  1. Not enough resources got invested in the project. Poor investment buys a poor team. Typically anyway. You don’t hire a 5 star team for $10 you know? You kind of get out what you put in so to speak. You could argue I don’t know anything about what was invested in Reforged, but one thing is pretty darn obvious: it was not enough.
  2. Many features got cut in the game and the game was still not ready for release. Probably because of point 1.
  3. Communication was terrible about the game. If the game was in such a terrible state, the team should have communicated so to the public instead of pushing a poor product. Anyone from the team could have done so either anonymously if restricted by Blizzard or officially. The fact no one did shows no one really cared enough to do so lol. It was probably easier just to coast along.

I believe having the company run by Microsoft is probably a good thing (maybe one of the best things to happen to Blizzard in a long time). I kind of hope that management changes up too. I do not look fondly at the people who released something like Diablo Immortal. Which I think should be called Diablo Immoral, but I also like to hold big companies to higher standards. Maybe I should not be doing that.

Also, as a sidenote: this is Warcraft 3 Reforged not Grubcraft 3 Reforged. I think some of Grubby’s complaints are valid about being able to easily recognize units and stuff, but the units should not have to look like the old ones. They do need to be clearly distinguishable from other units though. Same with other concerns like not being able to tell how far along a buliding construction is and stuff. Visibility should have been a key design factor.

I’m confused. Are you saying that you know the original team was terrible, or that you don’t know so then if you guess your guess is that they were terrible?

I followed the Warcraft III patches prior to Reforged, and I didn’t like them. I believed that I could have done them better. Also, a couple of employees contributing internally to Reforged were active online, and they took criticism and at times fixed things that were pointed out to be egregiously broken to them on social media.

So, my feeling is that the original team included a few people who believed in what they were doing, even if those people were underfunded and perhaps in some cases were not technically skilled. But I don’t see that as conjecture, I see that as my way of judging people that I have had conversations with. I don’t really have much against those people. As a Warcraft III fan, I feel like Bobby Kotick and his manager henchmen are grabbing a franchise that I enjoy and choking the life out of it because nothing matters to them. But the guys in the trenches who were like actually trying to make Reforged… Maybe the only thing I have against them is that I wish they would have had the foresight to keep Frozen Throne live as a separate available purchase in an unchanged way.

I linked one of them a YouTube video of the old Frozen Throne menu screen one time, as a part of something I was doing because I have both game versions on my computer. He said he missed that screen, and the howling wind noise. It’s weird to think someone who was once in a place to influence the future as it came to be is left to miss the game itself, given that they had a part in getting us to where we are now.

But I lack insider information. So, I can’t really hold vague feelings against the person I’m referring to.

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The problem wasn’t with the original devs. The problem was with Activision. They stopped giving a doody pebble about the project and pulled most of the funding and support from the game’s development. The project was originally started and worked on in good faith.


Simply look at the rest of my post for the answer. Nothing against them as people. They weren’t very good devs though.