Reforged is totally fine and safe


Oooooh c’mon! Are you @-ing kidding me? This is bull***t.

I could understand SC Remastered, but outsorcing models for they best game Blizz. ever made (sorry StarCraft 2, you are very close, but WC3 still win) it’s lazy and dumb at the same time, couldn’t they just pull Phillip Gonzales from HotS development and put him on the WC3R development team?
After all he joined Blizz. because of his love for WC3. You can see that he would have made better models just by looking at his Heroes of the Storm Arthas, it’s really close to his original concept art, when instead Lemonsky one looks straight from some s@itty hen/tai game, he is capable of doing great models, his SC2 WoL models were mostly good, SC2 HotS models even better and Heroes of the Storm ones are magnificent, i mean just look at his Li-Ming render, it’s one of my favourite on the whole game, great proportions without being a ti*ty monster and her face looks pretty KEK

But no, let’s outsource our models to a third party company, that make good background models on other games (even on my favourite game ever Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne) but simply doesn’t know how to give a soul their models, i mean they look good but uninteresting at the same time, they should have chosen someone else, like that dude that made Legacy of the Void renders, or that guy that made SC2 Dragoon, they look outstanding.


call it a hunch but it feels a bit misguided when you think the company they’re outsourcing to is doing it with no direction and feedback from Blizzard


laughs histerically
oh wait, you were serious?


If I were you, I would have just posted this:


Yes, even with the stupid proportions HotS has, it’s still better modeled of Reforged Arthas, especially his face.
Btw I should be the one laughing if you think that Reforged Arthas looks better of HotS Prince Arthas.

@omelette: Blizzard is guiding them with concept art, but sadly some models looks very different from the art they are inspired from.



Also we’ve only ever seen the first iteration, if they’ve been taking feedback or internally there’s been more takes.


I hope that they are taking feedback, btw some example of models that don’t fit their concept art we have renders like Arthas and Uther, these two are the worst, since their proportions are completely off, even the Dread Lord is a bit different If compared to his concept art, but in this case it looks much better since he doesn’t look thicc for no reason (on the other hand Uther needs to be way thiccer).

The models look good, but if it would have been Blizzads itself to do them, we would have even better renders


well, you prefer hots arthas while i prefer the reforged one (and believe me, i hate myself enough for that…) and i respect your opinion, but… arthas is supposed to be 24 and his hots model looks like he’s 45 (and i’m being nice) and his armor just looks like it’s made of play-doh. at least his reforged model looks his age and his armor looks like actual metal. of course i’m not saying it looks perfect either (believe me i’d like to see changes to it) but i think it looks better on so many levels.
but that’s just my sh!tty opinion and i should get burned for thinking like that.
laugh at me if you want to, i don’t mind :slight_smile:


Dude i get it, but i prefer a 45 years old Arthas instead of an Asian 17 years old Arthas that we have on Reforged.

I prefer his HotS model for these reasons:

Even if it has super exaggerated proportions and toy-like textures (to can fit on Heroes aesthetics), if you take into consideration that it’s a HotS model from 2014/2015, you can clearly see why it’s done by Blizzard itself, his face perfectly fit his WC3 Cover art, the proportions make overall sense.
With WC3R Arthas we instead have someone that simply couldn’t translate well a simple concept art… Arthas neck it’s so long that it resembles a giraffe, his shoulder pads are too high and there’s a stupid empty space between his right pauldron and his shoulder, metal textures are not enough to make it look better of a model made by professional (blizzard and all the independent artists that make models for them)

HotS Model

Arthas HotS Face


Arthas Reforged Comparisons


Reforged Arthas Hent@i Face


Reforged Arthas Artwork


WC3 Cover Art



sorry but on his WC3 cover art he doesn’t look like my creepy 45 years old uncle trying to impersonate Arthas. or Khadgar with a wig.


when i said his reforged model needed things to be changed that was one of the main things i was thinking about, so yeah i agree with you on this one.

i get why people are bothered by this, but personally it didn’t bother me that much…

to discredit his reforged model, i personally think they should have 100% followed his WC3R concept art with minimal changes. or his hearthstone art. and maybe should have made his face look more like his WC3 cover art.

of course i still respect your opinion, and i guess we just have a different vision of Arthas :slight_smile:


I wish I looked that chiseled and masculine when I was 17, damn.


Hello guys. Reforged is fixing Arthas issue with art about face and armor size and shape, they go bfa cinematic armor,for at least 1 shoulder pad. Currently they are discussing should it be two.
News are 21th march, and theres high possibility we see those art changes about Arthas in that time.
Btw MajorHangover, Arthas from Reforged is actually Heartstone art if you didnt know it.
Its just studio that make models didnt go same model, they like to be innovative, trying to create some new art, from watching the concept art they create themselfs -
just for admiring purposes.


well, yeah they said that what they showed us in demo isn’t definitive anyway so changes are expected.


Brief history of Arthas : 1.Rebirth (custom edit no render), 2.Reborn (custom hots-wow edit no render) 3.Battle Of Azeroth Wow Armor (personally highly desired at least for 1 shoulder if possible xD) 4. BFA WOW Armor cinematic Arthas 5.Hearthstone Art 6. Reforged a)old wc3 b) Reforged concept c) Rendered Reforged Arthas Model 7. Matheus S.Mahcado Prince Arthas model



my personal favorite is 6b


There’s also his concept art for HotS by our lord and saviour Mr. Jack


where is the link?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



I actually really wanted to see this version of the hammer. A shame that he just uses Frostmourne, I think this is the best interpretation of Light’s Vengeance.

-edit- what about this link?


the link is dead…


idk, i’m not a fan of this one…
maybe it’s just the proportion bugging me?
anyway i still prefer the reforged concept art.