Reforged is a forced downgrade for classic users

BattleNet app. It installs 1.32.

Not the first, nor the last, sadly…

Google EuroBattle Warcraft 3 battle net.

There are alternative servers now! With more features and bots! i just found out because of blizzard running the game into the ground THANKS BLIZZARD!

That wont happen unless a full reverse on the entire game happens. i mean. It would be a upgrade i guess… Weirdly enough

This thread couldn’t be more true, we can forget about actual Reforged for a moment, if you’re talking Classic. you need to realize 2 things.

1 Thinking the classic community is small and doesn’t deserve anything is foolish.

2 This thread is right in the sense that, its “objectively” a downgrade, Blizzard just doesn’t admit it.

The only defense the classic team got for not being downgraded is World Editor upgrades, and new features, fixes and naitives, other then that. its pretty much a giant downgrade in every possible way.

Starcraft 1 retains a crossplayable function between og and remastered. there is no reason it shouldn’t be made available to War 3 aswell.

If we simply look at how companies like Microsoft is treating Age of Empires, we can see that just how POOR of a job Blizzard is doing.

Age of Empires 2 for example, the HD edition is still there. no one is forced an upgrade and the servers are fine and running. if you own it, you’d get a discount. the remaster of art and models was very faithful to the original game. and it didn’t remove any features it added new content and more features at release and didn’t beg players to wait. and no one is in their forums trying to make excuses for them that they will eventually fix things or, how we didn’t need some features anyway in their own foolish opinion.

And what is Blizzard doing ? hurr durr underpaid overworked classic team going through a nightmare of a development with utter lack of quality control and polish. and they don’t even care to maintain a stable relationship with their older audience and respect them by keeping the Classic Client alive for those who prefer it.
Issuing a proper apology, addressing ALL of the issues and seeking to fix them, instead they just give us this…

We made a product for 2 years but we’re sorry, it’ll take a year more to actually eventually finish it, that is if they even do it the way the community requests instead of the methods they see fit. and pretend they “did do no wrong and fixed everything”.

sigh No, Classic is not gone. The multi-player features are currently offline while they stand up the new MMP servers.

Meanwhile you can play it against the PTR. The more you know…

I want classic back. If I don buy reforged is because I dont want it, I just want to be able to play as I was playing since a child

Name one then, or your point’s gonna be invalid :grimacing:

I’ll just add that I want the classic client back like everyone else. Crossplay with reforged is fine, but keep the two separate.


Classic is still available via 1.32.

Where are the cutscenes from the 2018 demo?

ENT those psychopaths and control freaks, look at em now, no1 play there, bunch of em left, all they can do is, wank to each other on discord, lmaoo, im so glad ENT is dead.

Oh? So if I, as a purely Classic owner, get that patch, I’ll have my good ol’ 3 GB installation/client back completely without the extra 30 or so GB ransomware?

Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

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Big fat chat UI right in your face even when playing local games.
Bots no longer working.

And i could continue on but you asked for 1 reason i just gave you 2.

Luckily I backed mine up. But it keeps pestering me to “upgrade” to 1.32 once per day.

I’d ask Blizzard to patch that out, but… that’s a trap and a half.

Yeah, I myself is loathe to ask them to fix anything these days. I’ve seen what happens, when they apparently improve something…

On the bright side I’ve now refunded Warcraft 3 Reforged despite already having redeemed the goodies from the Spoils of War Edition.

I guess Blizzard must be desperate to save face at this point lol

I never refunded anything, but then again, I never did purchase it.

Which brings us back to the title of the post. Full circle. Marvelous.

I really do want 1.31 to stop telling me an update is available. And I don’t want to fall back to an even earlier version because then I’d lose all the extra team colors 1.31 has…

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I don’t think the devs are open to include a “Shut the f… up!”-button to notifications of the remaining few not corrupted old clients out there…