Reforged doodads - A concern


Kantarion here.

Some warcraft 3 doodads just make a scar in your memory for old players, specually to ppl who played custom games.

Some custom maps use rocks for specific reasons where whole viraety of wc3 rocks from many terrain areas,are used from very start to end of the game as “barriers” you upgrade over the time. Over the time you kinda memorize how they look.

My concern is i saw in Reforged they kinda totally differs , their basic shape is split into many parts…

Some hints on wc3 rocks

a)Ashen is wet and its rock has a bit moss on it cause usually its rainy

b) Felwood is mayhem alike where nature collapse alot with frogg alike green water

c) Ruins is structures destroyed sunken, where nature is similar to jungle and its nature is growned up.

d) Lordaeron/Village area is standard field rocks


I saw Reforged tents near creep camps and they look awesome.

I just hope its new asset for campaign as creep tents, and i hope we will also have tent more close to original wc3 look, cause its sawn in campaign as human military camp .

Also about Lordaeron Grave , i hope it wont be some random grave and it will keep original wc3 look, with wings,skulls, and stones above.


Theres plenty of those unique things, so all in one, at the end of the day i hope you will follow original game. Thats all

Edit reason : 2 lapsus that doesnt change or effect the point, and 1 shortening the sentence.


Best rock is the one shown in Reforged for sure, no reason to argue about it and other tiles will be that good too.(Unless they decide to mess up Sunken Ruins tile into WoW version…)

about your c) Ruins has nothing to do with Humans, it was made by Night Elves and drown into the sea only to be raised from ocean again by Gul’dan so they have ‘Sunken’ theme not ‘Jungle’ theme

About tents they are good in reforged, if that missing rune triggers you it is a 2 second edit to texture don’t worry.

Also I know why you wrote this article just here to remind you: Vampirism socks


1.I didnt wrote anything about human Ruins - fail argument
2.I said Reforged tents are awesome probably for creep camps , but that not how Human Tent looks alike, so it need another model - and theres no need edit Reforged and mod it again,nonone wants mode again and follow original style not even you,everyone is bored of it. We should sit down and let ppl do the job and provide feedback
3. Rocks remind me on Vampriism Rocks ? Thats a custom game that use all original wc3 rocks as barriers.
4.Reforged rock looking good, but it has basic shape split into many parts. And yes, thats not wc3 accurate
5. Vampirism Fire maps sucks - You mention it first, and its only your opinion and WTII who is meele ladder player who didnt learn it yet




You obviously didnt understand i was explaining that nature is growing,after destroy or sunk whatever, comparing how felwood visually looks alike in wc3.
So ya thats the only thing you were correct, but you didnt catch the point.


Interesting topic, however what we’ve heard is that this is still in the work, and since we didn’t see any graphic progress since Blizzcon its only a speculation. If you saw Heroes of The Storm back in a days when it was announced how it look back there and compare to the updated models you will see a lot of improvements for the models and visuals. I believe when the time come there will be a big surprise, however until that time comes we can only guess


Sc1 ended well at the end but they remaster the game .

Reforge is about reforging a game…Adding Stratholme walls and towers and such a things is always nice and welcomed
But its kinda different question when its about units,buildings…Game might differ from wc3 alot since we have this premise.

Heroes of the Storm had its success and better budget…

I dont know for Reforged, i guess everyone has fears , even people who are considered to be unnmanered here i think they want this end up good.

Anyway, they probably think hey its still as demo let the chaos exist, ppl will fight alot, feel exosted and loose all energy and all poison will be spent too. We will do our job until beta and show ppl a starting point where a serious discussion can take place.

So maybe thats wise decision.

I just wish when beta comes out, we see sub-forums here and Pete or someone in charge start reading our posts about art.

I highly doubt he can devote enough time in this mess.

And after beta if we dont see sub-forums here = then feedback never existed i can garantuee that.