Reforged Beta Is Now OFFICIAL



People who ask refund purchasing the game again in 3… 2… 1…



Please tell me there will be a normal, in game competitive ladder like in Starcraft 2 for multiplayer.


that is likely accessed from the versus button.


I’m very excited about all of this. Reforged here I come!


If the beta isn’t available for Mac in the near future, THAT is when I will say “Blizzard, you done goofed” and then… UNSUBSCRIBE!!!


Stuff unlocking from campaigns? Tight.


OMG look at that last pic of unlockable portraits. The highlighted one says to complete the exodus of the horde campaign and then lists all FIVE of the missions of the original demo, not just the 2 from the tutorial campaign. They finally are releasing them all together in one spot. I’m so happy!!!


I hope they do it justice with proper senjin and voljin models, and proper sea witch


If they bothered changing stratholme to resemble the layout in WoW then they likely are making the sea which a naga as well.


KingOmlette wanted a video:


I mean the icons front to back with the correct file/path names was pretty substantial.

Saw those videos in a Discord though. Dunno how I feel about the lackluster animation for Flamestrike from the Blood Mage’s end.


You are a believer now? :joy:


Well it’s hard not to with the much more substantial evidence. Is that a surprise to you?



I’m converting models to old game now, slowly…


still no night elves or undead availability though. guess they will become available later on in the beta.


What does this even mean


Making them playable in classic wc3 :wink: