Reforged Analysis and Suggestions

I’ve spend a great deal of my childhood immersed in this game and it has had the largest impact on my life than any other fantasy genres. I’m proud to be a fan and grateful to have had the pleasure of playing it and continue to do so. With that being said, I’ve taken the time to mention a few of my observations and opinions below. I’ve excluded game-play features as I’m sure the pro’s have already shared their influence.

Warcraft III ROC

  • I was first introduced to the game through Orc Prologue Demo Campaign: Is there any chance this will or could be included?

  • Blizzcon 2018 Human Campaign, Chapter 6: The Culling - The map doesn’t quite set the stage as the original, Dark, Gloomy, ‘Rainy Night’.

  • If aspects of WOW are subtly being included, then perhaps adding in an Alliance airship in place of the goblin one, as in the Human Chapter 8 campaign.
    This of course goes against the lore as the goblins were neutral at the time - If I’m not mistaken.

  • Influential characters like Uther and Sylvanas deserve a suitable showdown against Arthas before their deaths, it is their last great act?
    Perhaps Sylvanas’ reincarnation should be of her iconic form, rather than a banshee?

  • During the Night Elf Campaign, The entangled gold mines don’t suit the corrupted tree-ants around them.

  • As for the Lordaeron cliff art, perhaps a tad more detail can be added to make it more alive?

Warcraft III TFT

  • The Night Elf interlude between chapter 4-5 - In the original the title set is Lordaeron, where it should have been Ashenvale.

  • The Night Elf Campaign, end of Chapter 6 - Perhaps have Tyrande fall into the river with troops, as they appear out of no where in the finale to aid her?

  • The Blood Elf secret level in between chapter 3 and 4 - Have the portal in a similar location as it was originally opened by Kel’thuzard at the end of the Undead campaign in ROC.


  • The tree tops from the Blizzcon demo have a repetitive light green, which I felt quite noticeable.

  • Not a fan of the Paladin skin on the official site, perhaps as an alternative skin but not as the original fatherly figures with long hair and beards.

  • The Spoils of War, I already own the four heroes in ‘Heroes of the Storm’ - Perhaps players could be compensated in gold or gems in game if they already own them?

  • Lastly, I’ve really bad Internet connectivity. Please keep to the original and not require an active Internet connection to play it. If there is ever a zombie apocalypse, this is the game I want to be playing while waiting it out :stuck_out_tongue:


Agree, but don’t they meet a glorious end in the original as well?

No, no, no, they opened it beneath that point. KT did it on the ground, they did it in the dungeons.


finally a thread that isn’t bullsh!t!


Wtf what about mine?

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I want tyrande not to fkn shadowmeld from archimonde

Dalaran magic not to be so weak as for ghouls to walk through.

Even though Antonidas says they were prepared.

I want Silvermoon to fkn know that they were being attacked in the first place. Not killing a runner to stop from alerting presence.

I’d not say a ‘glorious end’, but a more heroic one. (A ‘300’ scene, but not an over dramatic one of course) Put simply, just a bit more emphasis on their last moments. The end of a “legendary Lordaeron Paladin who failed his protégée or king” and the “death and rebirth of the elite Ranger General of Silvermoon”.

I’d have to correct you here, but as stated on the wowwiki.fandom site; ‘Chapter Three: The Dungeons of Dalaran’ and in the game campaign itself.

The blood Elves ascended from the Dungeons of Dalaran and into the city above, where they used the dimensional portal opened by Kel’thuzad, to escape into Outland. The very same one from the Undead campaign in ROC used to summon Archimonde.

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Actually, you are right. Just use WoWPedia, not wowwiki.

Lady Vashj: In the city above us stands a portal, a gateway that leads to other worlds.

Prince Kael’thas: My brethren are assembled, Vashj. Now all we need to do is reach this portal of yours and–

Where was kalethas during silvermoon invasion?

There is a chance, but the part of the interview was a bit confusing to give a definitive answer.

I agree. But I’m sure they have done a lot of work since the demo. They have said the environment, doodads and tiles were pretty much untouched back at the time of the demo. They are probably working on the shading and lightning also, so that will make the game look a lot better.

This could be a nice detail. Yeah, goblins were neutral, but that doesn’t prevent Alliance from using their own airships.

I’m sure some of the tilesets are being reworked and “fixed”.

There are going to be skins for heroes, so if you don’t like the default paladin, you can use Arthas or Uther in melee games too. Which is the reason I think Blizzard dared to go and make the default paladin a bit different. Vanilla paladin in the Classic is just Uther with a little less shiny armor, after all. And that was kinda the point of skins, so that campaign heroes would all actually look unique to the normal melee heroes.

I’m afraid they are not likely compensated. I don’t think they have ever been with any other Blizzard game either.

There’s been no official word for it, but some people speculated that it may actually be likely that it requires internet connection. That is, of course, very unfortunate if that’s the case.

At least in the book, it was explained that Kael’thas was helping the people of Silvermoon to refuge and he left for Dalaran. In the game, however, this was not addressed in any way.


Would retcon changes to lore explain to small tidbits of info be good?

Well, I don’t think they count as retcons, if the book just explained things that were not explained before. I think it would be good if they made little hints like these in the reforged campaign.

most likely making out with illidan

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I see you are a man/lady of culture! This is fine list, in which I approve every point. Especially for the Uther showdown, a god of light like him deserve a proper cinematic end!

In my opinion, I do find this unfair if that is the case. As one is paying more for the ‘The Spoils of War Edition’ which offers unique rewards in each respective game (That is the whole purpose of it after all, to get something in each game. Pitty I already have them).

In my case, it is most unfortunate. If only a ‘play offline’ be added, with a weekly requirement to verify - Just my thoughts out loud.

Thank you for your response to my observations and questions above.

Yes I am a man of culture, as it is within the arts I reside. I appreciate the compliment.

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