Rain weahter effect cause crashes on certain maps

Hello, I’m sharing with you a very annoying bug that seems to plague especially large maps. This bug leads to frequent, random and unavoidable crashes when moving camera (just try to move the camera around in-game to trigger it) and it is only reproducible when a rain effect is produced. Crashes are more frequent when the effect is more prominent (so, for example, with high intensity rain weather with respect to light intensity rain weather).

I am attaching the same map with rain and without rain to test it. The two maps are identical, just changed two GUI actions in Init 04 Environment to enable/disable rain:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open the map labeled with _RAIN and play it
  2. skip the cutscene or wait until it ends
  3. move camera around fast in the map
  4. you should get a crash

For comparison, load the map labeled with _NORAIN and do the same, you should get no crash. I really hope you might fix this because it really harms player experience.


I HAD this problem. I think not with Rain but with some other Weather Effect. But ye moving Camera fast froze/crashed the game. Interesting. It was really weird when I found this bug.

Thank you for pointing it out! So I’m not alone with this.

I suspect that because Reforged Rain effect also has ripples that appear on the terrain/walkable doodad surfaces it can cause crashes. And if map is big or Walkable surfaces are too complex - map can crash at some point.

yes I also thought it was somewhat around this because SD rain does not seem to have this behavior.

If this is true - the cheap way to fix it is to leave the ripple pop corn effect appear only on water surfaces. Blizzard I hope you read it.

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It was not crashing in 1.32. The reason is something weird is going on with 1.33 onwards models/particles. I don’t believe it’s an hard fix.


Absolutely the same problem from the v1.33. Blizzard hear us.

Aha, finally I figured out the reason why my custom map crashes when moving cameras.
It was totally okay before 1.33 patch.

Now in Reforged mode I have to set my video graphical setting to Off or Low or play in Classic, otherwise it crashes.

Hope Reforged Team read this thread…!