Racist User, thread removed



My threat got closed without any explanation, and i’ve not received any answer.
If Blizzard will ignore this request, i’ll contact media if this will be ignored.
I’d like to report user (removed)
He was very racist toward afroamericans, and this should not be tolerated.
Please draw the consequences as such behavior make wc3 experience not family friendly and i believe that it is against EULA to behave in such manner.

I have the screenshots available, how can i upload these or where shall i send it.

Hey, I’m going to go ahead and lock this thread as the thread is not appropriate for this forum. If you have any issues with a post, please make sure to use the report feature. Thank you - Forum Mod


I’m guessing it was closed due to naming the player. Also possibly because it’s a dupe. You already posted the same and got a reply.


Yes sir, you got to chill out…
You said it already and they will surely do something about him…

Btw look here what Mark Chandler wrote inhttps://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/warcraft3/t/1-30-2-hot-fix-3-12-06-2018/2102

(Read the 7. post)


“contact media”
Calm down. Racism is bad but behave yourself. Give Blizzard a call - their support is okay’ish. If there is nothing you can do, since WC3 has no build in report function (yet), you have to get over it. Racists (and similar ppl.) win if you get angry. You win by ignoring it


I feel like 9 times out of 10, the best way to deal with racism or any other form of bigotry is to shut that sh*t down and don’t let it stand. But I agree on getting in touch with Blizzard support.


I’ve contacted local newspaper about it, still waiting for reply for the mail and screenshots provided as one of the blizzard employee requested.


You are making fun of yourself


terrorizing the forums ? xD You need to write to the Truth daily (pravda) how all the others are racist, except oneself.


No naming and shaming is general rule on these types of forums, guessing why it got locked.


You’ll contact the media, about racism [in America and other places], towards people of colour? oh boy you might be waiting a while before your story becomes “news” [note that news has the word new in it]. And as others have said, how did you think a forum post was the appropriate place for such a thing instead of filing a ticket with customer support. If you’re gonna be so “ILL GO TO THE MEDIA” and “this is against EULA” you might want to actually search up the rules of the thing you’re using.

Code of Conduct


Can we get this closed already?

There is already a solution posted and it’s getting ridiculous.


There will be an article about this in my local newspaper (5.000.000 people living in the city), i’ll post the scans next month.
Some of you posting here can’t defend themselfs, don’t worry we smart people are here to help poor and help those who are in need.


What steps did you take to report the post?

Also, if you did take appropriate measures: How long did you wait for a resolution, and how did you determine that action has not been taken (note: typically, disciplinary action is not reported back to the accuser).


Lots of people doesn’t mean lots of reads. Also “people are racist on the internet” is so old news by now that welcome back to reality, it’s 2018, this planet is called Earth. Blizzard gave you an ability to report racist users/those who violate codes of conduct but no, instead you insist on ignoring the forum rules and demanding disciplinary action in a public forum instead of a service ticket. I hear a scream for attention by that, but whatever floats your goat. Perhaps now would be a good time to teach your son the dangers of the internet and to be aware that when out in the world (what the internet gives you the ability to do), they will come across less than reputable people and that its important for them to recognize bad influence and stay away from it. Or just carry on screaming and threatening to give Blizzard bad press in your local newspaper (they’re already beating you at that game btw).