Public Test Realm 1.31


I think the Necromancer’s second skill is a bit useless in this arrangement.
No one is going to upgrade just to have Raise Dead where they could just buy. I would prefer Necromancer to have some sort of dispel magic ability at Tier 2 so Undead do not have to wait until Tier 3 and upgrade to just have a dispel ability.
Maybe Cripple-----Dispel-----Unholy Frenzy?


I agree. Even the best player like 120 cannot manage to beat the hippos/faries. UD needs some actual means of anti-air changes.


I’ve heard that argument, but Liquipedia says it’s magical (under “Warden”, can’t post links).

The massive obscurity lies in the fact that the DoT deal damage to Ethereal, and 166% of that.


Dude publish official patch until this friday mkay?
Otherwise you will not get any support from me and i will rise all community agaisnt you, Pete


There is no unit in the entire WC3 universe that can shift its form when ensnared or webbed but fearie dragons. Please consider to change it.


btw. this year is 25th anniversary for the warcraft universe, so probably no news for reforged until blizzcon.


This is a good comment and map makers are happy about the new natives and ability to control new things with code. :slight_smile: but there is always another side to the story… With them allowing more things to be controlled with MPQ directly and SLKs it opens doors for chaos as well…


a small thought about UD ghouls :

  • give them ability “piece bite” (or meat bite, or hungler bite etc.)
    ghoul jumps to alive target (3 or 4 meters i dont now cuz its needs test and balance tweaks) and bite a meat piece of his victrim, the target loses 50 HP and get 3 seconds of 30% moveslow (HEROS CANT BE TARGET of this ability)), at the same time ghoul heal themself for a 25 HP and get buff = all healing effect on him is have +45% effect for 4 seconds.

this ability can give to UD Ghouls more counter to ranged units like fiends or riflemans.

i mean this ability is T2 and u need to cast it manualy after u research it on graveyard.

and it seems it need something like 40 seconds of CD to not spam.

and he cant atack air unit by this :slight_smile:


It is also possible to give more dynamics to the game by:

(1) Getting some lumber facilities to be cheaper by 5 gold. That is:
War Mill 205 gold -> 200 gold
Graveyard 215 gold -> 210 gold

For example, if you want to place early War Mill of Graveyard, you need actually to mine 210 gold and 220 gold, respectively, because these are the first T1 buildings for ORC and UD with gold cost not divisible by 10.

(2) It would be great, if we can reduce cost of T2 upgrade by 10 lumber (or even more by 10 gold and 10 lumber). Such change would give possibilities for early T2 tech. This is just a suggestion.

(3) Remove backpack upgrade and give it to all races at the beginning of the game (or once each race has a shop).

(4) Make UD’s Necropolis more similar to Zerg’s hatchery.
(a) reduce its price to 220 gold
(b) reduce its hit points from 1500 to say 1300.
© reduce build time to 85 seconds (or even to 80 sec)
(d) slightly reduce its image

Necropolis is a supporting building for UD, not for mining gold. It should be more vulnerable, but easier to build.

At the same time UD’s main will still have enough safety, because it very soon becomes Halls of the Dead. Also, UD players could build a second necropolis, instead of a ziggurat.


Regarding PTR 1.31 changes:

I like the Animal War Training change. In addition to that we can
(1) reduce knights armor from 5 to 4
(usually, at the stage when knights start to get involved you have Paladin with +2 armor aura, so they have plenty of armor and lack of damage)
(2) slightly increase their hp, say from 885 to 900 (numbers could be adjusted)
(3) make sundering blades an upgrade that gives:
+4 attack to knights ( < 12% increase)
and possibly +2 attack to footmen ( < 8% increase)
This way knights will get against medium armor
+12% attack* (150% against medium) = +18% attack increase.
Again numbers could be adjusted.
(4) Another option is to remove sundering blades upgrade at all
and initially give knights more damage (say raise it from 30-38 to 32-40) and 1 less armor. The cost of a knight and his hit points could be then adjusted too.

Introduction of too many upgrades is not a very good idea. HU should be incentivized to research attack upgrades at the blacksmith.

(1) Remove his ability to attack air units (make things realistic)
(2) Reduce Acids’ bomb target’s damage from 6/11/17 per second
to 5/10/15 per second, secondary from 4/7/11 per second to
3/6/9 per second.
(3) Possibly tweak (buff) Chemical Rage.

(1) Change priest’s attack from 8-9 to 8-10. Just compare priest’s attack with other casters’ attack, who have at least 10+ damage.


Knights, animals and Taurens changes are wrong. Knight is a tank-role unit with high armor who should block others t2-t3 melee units which will be killed by knights themselves or by gryphons. it doesnt need for any upgrades. TAURENS and BEARS havent any magic support, they need for CC ability like Earthshake which throw out all tank units and give a pass to range units.


Enough talk about only ladder/melee balance…

You have for the lack of a better word Fukced custom game playing. Let me explain why.
You took bots away which sucks, but you made normal hosting better so thats good at least. We’ll ignore the fact your hosting is nothing compared to bots with tracking game stats and all the other great features but i’ll leave that for another time.

The Biggest thing that screwed WC3 with bots being gone now is anyone can host any rip off map they want… There is an epidemic with people hacking maps and injecting cheat packs or slightly editing data in the map to benefit themselves to cheat. There is so many cheaters now doing this for every game its unreal… Bots made this not possible since they always hosted the Official map from the Map Maker for everyone to play so this just became a HUGE problem again without bots…

PLEASE make it a native way to optimize maps like Vexorian started back in the day and also make it so maps can actually be encrypted so people cant just open protected maps with MPQ editors to do whatever they want…
This is a very important major thing that needs to be implemented before reforged is released. Maps/Games are going to helI and this is the only way to fix it unless you plan to let bots host again. They can even edit the SLK optimized files now too… -_-

I know back in the day Blizzard wanted maps to all be open so people could open maps and learn from them. Those were different times guys… people are toxic now and that doesn’t fly, its a different world now… make map protection!! People don’t just cheat but sometimes try to steal or claim maps as their own etc. or have 25 versions floating around bnet… SO stupid.

People already make these games for free with their own time for people to play and enjoy. At least make it so they can fully lock up their work. Not everything is free and also open source… WC3 isn’t open source, do you guys want to go to work every day and not get paid for your 8+ hour work day? You want to make reforged and not get paid for it? No, so make it so we can at least 100% lock our maps up so the game doesn’t continue to go to heIl…

EVERYONE please ‘Like’ this post so Blizzard actually reads it and acts on this feature for us, thanks!
Map makers are sick of this happening and the players are too!



I’ve tried looking for a topic about this on the Forum but I haven’t found one. If there is one already I apologize.
So aparently when I play against the computer (dunno if I’m the only one :slight_smile:) and I choose random race for everyone, everyone gets the same race. For example, if I get orc, by random chance, all the others get orc. I don’t know if this is just my client or not. I’m able to surpass this by using a random number generator online and then based on the result choose a race for everyone haha.

Best regards!


I like the idea of being able to open maps even if you can’t edit them. That way, people can still open maps and learn how things were done.

For now, you could use the hive workshop to distribute the official versions of maps. If you have to download the map in the client, it has obviously been tampered with and you can use your own discretion to play it at that time.


On the first part sometimes someone not knowing how you did something is the only thing stopping someone from just copying/recreating what you did to make their own line of it anyway. The only thing stopping that with anyone is knowledge and time…
I like the idea of being able to learn from others for sure, like on the Hive but it should ultimately be up to the Map maker if they want that shared or not, and if they want to share some things and not other parts that’s fine too. But then they can post that stuff on the Hive anyway, not within the map being hosted and played.

For the 2nd part this is already the scenario going on now and it doesn’t work at all. If a map is being hosted that you have to DL again knowing its altered or fake people still join it and play it, the masses just don’t know. Then they play the game and lose in a ridiculous way and just think its the maps fault not that it was hacked, thus giving the game a bad name to new players.
There is also the issue if someone then turned around to host the real version you have 2 games hosted and they both fill super slow. Or someone names the hacked map a version newer than the real version which makes people want to join the fake map. There is no way around it. Blizzard needs to make it so maps can be locked up like a vault so its impossible for people to tamper with it in any way. Thats the only way to fix this major problem.
This happened almost 2 decades ago too before bots were a thing. Its just back then it was worse because most maps were hosted unprotected, but also there were less people knowledgeable about this type of stuff so that helped a little.


@Pete Stilwell Please fix the “Ban” function in Clan Channels!! I’m not sure if you’re aware but since a few updates ago, Ban has worked the same as Kick. There is no way to keep out trolls and toxic people from my clan channel as they can keep coming right back in any time I try to ban them. In particular a guy who refers to himself as a white supremacist who keeps asking me why my son is dead (he isn’t) and refers to me as a N*****Friend and spams hate messages. I honestly shouldn’t have to deal with this stuff. Please fix the Ban function!! Many of us would be greatly appreciative. Thank you


Hi guys,

Thank you very much for keeping Warcraft 3 alive. I appreciate your efforts, I’ve played it since it was first launched and I still consider it the best RTS. I have 2 questions:

  1. When will Warcraft 3 Reforged be launched ? Can you at least tell us when a beta version will be available?
  2. Will all the balance changes be applied to Warcraft 3 reforged as well as W3 classic ?
  3. Will a person with the Reforged version be able to play online against one with classic version ?


A few more suggestions:

(1) When the Graveyard is done (after 80 seconds!) make it have one corpse right away. It is too long to wait 15 more seconds to get the first corpse in the current patch.

(2) This one is just to consider for the War Mill:
(a) move all the basic upgrades to be in the top row.
(b) for the second row have just two upgrades: “Spiked barricades” and
“Reinforced Defences”.

Maybe instead of two spiked barricades upgrades (currently in PTR) ORC can just have only one such upgrade: “5 dmg + X% of attack dmg returned”, which will be very relevant in the early game.


lol cripple the alchemist, gotcha.

“realistic” in a fantasy game…no. attacking air doesn’t make him “overpowered”.

stop requesting to nerf heroes down to firelord status just because you can’t deal with it.


Can’t wait to play 1.31 on Mac, hope the METAL support can make Warcraft 3 works perfectly on MacBook Pro.