PTR Version 1.36.1 Notes -- Updated November 9

blzsetitemiconpath and blzsetitemname are fixed !

  1. Paladin aura dont need buff (and proposed buff is too strong). Current state is already strong and ok.
  2. Immolation nerf is too small.
  3. Warden FoK buff is hilarious and too strong; people dont pick Warden not because its weak, but because DH and KOTG are overbuffed multiple times.
  4. Triple necro buff is very strange and could be too dangerous, why not apply single buff at the time? Maybe instead just buff mana regeneration like it was with Priests?
  5. Bladestorm damage buff could be too strong vs buildings and 2 limit units.
  6. Spirit walkers triple buff why? Spirit walkers are not weak, its just shamans too strong.
  7. Orc armor upgrades cost more lumber because it applies to both melee and ranged units, this change lacks any logic.
  8. Circlet level reduction is ok, but it’s too strong compared to +4 claws. May be circlet should be changed to +1+1+2 where +2 is the main hero stat (and cost reduced to same cost as claws)? -OR- Circlet stay same (+2+2+2) but claws reverted from +4 to +5.
  9. Rusty Mining Pick will be imba on ranged heroes and agility melee heroes, especially imba on Firelord. This is absurd luck-based item for this level of item drop. Maybe it should have +2 more levels. Also BUG: this item is clickable in hero inventory.
  10. All rings of protection should drop +1 added in previous patches.

Nice to see some changes. Especially love Undead Necro mages buff, love seeing that builds. Would be great if Taurens also gets some buff its such a shame we don’t see that great unit in the games.

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That warden buff would break the game.


Add Rusty Creek normal version, not 1.3 version.

The 1.3 version has modified changes on the map that causes bugs.

There are no other noticable changes in that map, so please add the first version they came out with, 1.3 rusty creek adds bugs.

Humans don’t need those buffs.

I play Human and Undead.

There’s nothing wrong with Bash. It’s already good. If it’s not chosen, it’s because Stormbolt/clap are even better options in that scenario.

If you do buff bash…then make it 15/30/45%.

Same goes for Devotion. Devotion is already amazing. People just don’t go it because, unlike Archmage and TC who won’t go Blizz/WE or Stomp/Shockwave because you only have so much mana, Divine Shield is also a great choice depending on the situation. It’s low-mana and vital to keeping Paladin alive. But in team games…Devotion is amazing. +5 armor (which is inner fire) on level 3? And +2 (which is a permanent scroll of protection) on level 1?

If you’re going to buff human, buff Dragonhawks. Make them slightly cheaper, or give slightly less exp on death, or increase Shackle’s range or damage a bit.

As for Undead…buffing spiked caraspace is nice. It’ll only be chosen if the UD goes CL third in a team game and pairs it with impale, which I believe should be buff.

You nerfed Impale damage so I believe it should cost less mana.

I wouldn’t even touch spirit walkers yet. But you can buff Taurens. They’re still useless.


Please fix the lifetime stats problem!!!


Fix my stats on my profile! I can see my stats (Mac User).


Please fix the FPS bug for AMD user (and some other config) since it was reported tons of time. People pay a lot of money for a very outdated graphic so give them at least their 200 fps to play competetive. On old PTR it worked for all.

About the balance: have a look at ag3nts post


Is this reality? A new patch for WC3, hypuuu!

Too bad I cannot play due to the black screen bug, really sad. Haven’t tried this one, however, maybe it works?

new heroes pls :heart:

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Reduce Demon Hunter DPS either with immotolation or just base dps and attack speed. Revert moonwells to not give nearly unlimited free mana and health. And revert Chimeras to their original state in tech tree and in friendly fire damage. You take the time to patch the game and fix nothing about the most broken problem???


oh look more buffs to blademaster/orc in general and still no answer for cancerous team gameplay where people just mass bats/tanks/copters all game with 40 apm tops

bring back ROC towers, seriously. better yet, just bring back ROC because everything about it is better.


Finally a new patch! I was starting to lose hope. Been checking these forums regularly ever since May.

Kaivax, brother, there’s still 2 issues in the Campaign that I haven’t seen mentioned here.
If you play more than one mission at a time, all facial animations will stop functioning.
And also, at several cinematics (e.g. Nelf campaign ending), the music from the mission will continue to play when it should instead be stopping.

Can we expect these problems to be addressed? At least the facial animations.

Hi Blizzard. Your nerfs of elf and buffs of Orc spirit walkers, blade storm etc. are too much. Spirit walkers do not require extra buffs and are already the standard unit against talons. The recent patches have eliminated most of the viable options elf has against orc including nerfs to Keeper entangle and now talons. I do not see these changes as necessary to achieve balance in the game. Elf players would like to play something other than bears and dryads, which are already not that effective against good Orc players with Kodos and Spirit Walkers. An example of this is was Lyn’s 3-0 demolition of Kaho (yesterday, 19 October).

I also do not see why immolation requires additional nerfs after the initial buffs (and subsequent nerfs) - it is not overly strong now. Heroes such as the POTM could use additional attention, rather than just the Warden, as she is only used in NE mirror or not at all.

Also, these changes do nothing to address the massive imbalance between Undead and Elf, where Elf has no viable counter to garg play and ghoul, destroyer pushes at the 9 minute mark.


Thank you Blizzard for the job you made. As a Night Elf, I’m very exited about the warden buff because its a high skill cap hero both: to play with and to play against. I think this might be the very best change this patch overall, but you numbers are slightly off.
You don’t have a unit cap for her ability, instead, you have some artificial formula which is max damage divided by unit damage = number of targets in your game code. So, if we want to make it 6 targets with 200 damage - at lvl 3 FoK we need to keep the max damage, but make sure to change target damage to 200, if you get any un-even number - the game would automatically deal full unit damage to one more target, so each number as a result of formula (spell max damage/unit damage) must be of integer number. E.G. 1200/200=6. This needs to be done for lvl 1 and 2 as well.


this is the worst PTR since Matt Morris was in charge and plagued us with the Keeper meta.

INSANE and uneccesary value changes
Not adressing any actual issues in the meta, or months behind it
No fun new toys for any race
Unfun changes for no reason, completely broken item introductions that bring an unhealthy amount of RNG after reasonably dialing it down for years

No philosophy
No direction
No explanations

It’s utter, out of touch garbage and cannot go live in any sort or way


Great effort for improvement patch. But human is already too slow movement speed with no support from aura.
Bring back militia on expand. And 60 seconds militia.

Paladin aura should provide movement speed else it’s useless.

Warden Fan of knifes will be the super killer with spam moon well kill all human like papers.

Will mountain king death sound fix in reforged ? He die without sound

And please, fix Obsidian statue’s death no-animation-bug in classic graphic mode.
Unit just disappears with undead buildings destruction effect, without statue’s falling apart animation on its death, since Reforged

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