PTR Patch Notes -- Version 1.32.10 -- Updated March 16

Good lord you are salty lol. Why even post here?

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Nice direction with the patch.

I dont get why so many pple r using w3champions statics and completely ignoring the tier 1 tournament results. Patch should be done considering first the pro lvl balance. Then, if possible, the other lvls. At tier1 lvl currently NE is not doing that bad against HU.

I think across all lvls HU has some advantage over NE, but not at pro lvl (at least atm), but not as bad as pple is posting here.

Frost Armor nerf is really dumb, why do you all have to make such extreme adjustments. Going from 4 seconds to 2 on level on is a 50% nerf and is borderline braindead. How about 3/4/5 instead of 2/4/6???!~?

Also this game came out before covid, “the nature of the world today” isn’t a valid excuse for selling an incomplete product.

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Th000 talked about the patch yesterday and he thinks the only three reasonable adjustments are the tanks, the bear and the crypt lord.
He‘s neutral to adjustment to UD other than the frost armor.
You know what I pretty much argee with him.

Hey Basilisk! Could you potentially send a video of that issue happening with the Destroyer to


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Hi I reproduced the bug in world editor.
It seems like that it’s a deterministic bug rather than a random one. I’m interested in this one because I sometimes see it happen in HvU in my own games. It seems like that the attack of destroyers can not target a moving flying unit(I’m not sure if it’s limited to flying machine. )
The bug can be reproduce by following procedures:

Destroyer Attack one flying machine in a group. (I’m using destroyer and flying machines controled by the same player, so the aoe spell(orb) is ineffective. )
Select the group of flying machines and keep right-clicking on one of them. (With hp-bar always open, you can’t observe a drop in hp)

I wonder why this bug is reported as nondeterministic/random is that flying machine is a unit sometimes moves in attack(clusters). And the orb might still be dealing damage.

I just want to add that the stop command has a similar effect.

Minor details:

(1) If Sundering Blades become intrinsic ability, please remove from Knights’ description that they can learn Sundering Blades.

(2) Can you please remove the glow from the knights swords? Knights with sundering blades look like horsemen with lanterns (flashlights).

(3) Please add to UD’s burrow upgrade description that it is not only for Crypt Fiends but also for Carrion Beetles. Btw, it would not hurt to add burrow upgrade for Level 1 Carrion Beetles. This will be fair because KOTG Level 1 treants get Nature’s Blessing once it is researched.



Are you guys ever going to stop reducing the number of upgrades and tech requirements? Or making unorthodox changes like the Great Hall giving 11 food, giving Gargoyles an ability to automatically focus on attacking air, or turning the Orb of Fire into an anti-healing item?

You aren’t just tweaking things, you’re completely changing the game and potentially creating a need for more such changes. It keeps making the game more and more distorted from what it used to be and eventually may be hardly recognizable. Between how the Starcraft remaster is largely faithful to the original and how the Diablo 2 remaster is aiming to do the same, you’d think you’d have learned by now what makes a successful remaster, but it seems you guys haven’t.

Even with the Sundering Blades ability, that was a new one you guys created only to now make it a default ability for Knights. Now players don’t have to spend the gold or lumber on researching it, yet you buff access to Human lumber harvesting upgrades on top of that?

Because they aren’t the developers, not the original ones anyway. Even the Classic Games Team wasn’t. Other than any of them still remaining, these new developers are even more removed than them.


Blizzard,don’t touch frost armor.
If you fix frost aromor, when add effect for range units or remake frost armor to change frost aura.

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The Frost Armor change was long overdue. It is too powerful for a level 1 ability. It is a good change.


Frost Armor change is a huge nerf, this can easily break UD vs Orc matchup which is already an incredibly volatile matchup. 120, the best UD player in Asia has already said that this matchup favoures Orc and UD needs to take risks to have a chance.

No one is ever going to pick up Frost Armor level 2, so the Frost armor duration should not be lowered to 2, but at the most to 3 seconds down from 4 seconds.

Ontop of this, its time to buff Ghouls. UD has been balanced around having strong hero spells and bad units ever since its release, but time after time those have been nerfed, while their units have stayed the same or received nerfs.

Statue, Destroyer, Frost Wyrm received nerfs.
Meanwhile, other races have had their units buffed significantly:
Riflemen buff, Headhunter buff, Spirit Wolf buff,Water Elemental damage buff, Serpent ward buff, Batrider Buff, Huntress Buff, Archer buff, Treant buff, Mountain Giant buff, Knight buff, Gryphon Rider buff…

Ghouls need to be buffed to have a place in the game. At this point the only unit thats worth making for UD are Fiends. Ghouls die too quickly and just feed exp. Abominations are too clunky and need changes to collision size to behave like Bears, so they do not block each other. Its not worth it to produce more than 2 Abominations. Gargoyles have terrible stats for their cost and are only usable when massed, and run the risk of being hardcountered.

You need to give Ghouls straight up more HP and armor so they are a viable army unit, for example via an upgrade on t2. UD needs options to play something other than Fiends, and this would also promote more Dreadlord play. Without Ghoul buffs, Vampiric Aura will forever stay useless for UD. Ironically, its way more useful on the Crypt Lord because you get to use melee units.


not classic ones

There is a diffrent case. With this new sell price of items in UD vs HUM matchup.
In this matchup UD creeps almost all best creeps, do a lot more creeps than HUM and with this 75% sell price UD gonna be so so rich. HUM very often just cant leave exp/base and before T3 just cant fight with UD, UD who controling almost in each game whole map and creeps and HUM gets leftovers.
Also we need to think about buff peasant instead buff tower rapair rate. Add 10hp and increase movement speed can help a lot, after this we can slighty increase rapir rate about 2-3 sec and it can provide that we dont get tower rush meta.

Do you have a diagnosis TOD, cry-cry-cry.

Wow, I thought the game is abandoned. Nice to hear the news about upcoming patches!
About the PTR: I find kind of weird buffing the strongest (definetely not weakest) race… If some units/techs are buffed, then sth else must be nerfed (like fast expansion mechanics, increasing its cost for example or decreasing speed), or other races should be buffed aswell

And this garbage?
I see a lot of fanboys getting excited about a dead game. Luckily I downloaded it pirate. Kaivax it was better that you had been fired like the others


World editor will also get a weird bug that occurs at random making your map impossible to save your files unless you do it right away when you know its about to die. And like the pallets keep duplicating constantly every time you load up an additional area. Like… how is this ignored and why haven’t they fixed it? its kind of a priority for map makers!

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