PTR Patch feedback 1.32.9

These changes are 1) WAY too drastic 2) FAVOR human 3) ONLY focus on 1v1 without any consideration for the other modes of play 4) LIMIT play styles

My first thought when seeing the patch notes is why so heavy handed with the changes? The races are already delicately balanced. Wouldn’t small incremental changes make much more sense from a game balance perspective?

Why are you favoring human so much over the other races? Human is already VERY powerful. The world championship this summer was a human mirror match!!! Why are you making it nearly impossible to stop human fast expand and harass by buffing arcane towers and nerfing summons even more?

Also, please take a look at mass teleporting tanks which is a very broken strategy in FFA and needs your attention.

Tauren Chieftan lvl 3 stomp probably does need a nerf but not lvl 1 stomp. 2/2.5/3 seems like a change that actually makes sense. How often do we see Chieftan first hero except for FFA? That’s just so he can push to 5 and lvl 3 stomp.

The DK needs a nerf but why only lvl 2 unholy aura? Wouldn’t a change like 10/17.5/25 make more sense? Or perhaps even 10/15/20, but buff other parts of the undead army to open up more build possibilities for undead. DK is very powerful in FFA and team games as well as 1v1. Right now undead depend on the crutch of DK/Lich nuke kite strategy to be competitive in matches.

Having the burrow upgrade apply to beetles as well is great. I love it. But now that you’re implementing this and buffing arcane towers can you please give the beetles some of their health back so they don’t die so easily to dispel in the mid to late game? You successfully nerfed the Crypt Lord back into oblivion and out of competitive play, which is the last thing you should be doing. The undead are right back to one competitive strategy and only one strategy.

Undead have been begging for a change to gargoyles since release when it comes to targeting priority. Gargs are crippled in large FFA battles with their preference for ground targeting. Please fix this! Their primary attack is air to air!

Spirit towers are much more costly and take longer to build and upgrade than towers for any other race and they have fewer workers available for repair. Undead towers are already much weaker than their counterparts due to the larger surface area. Undead towers get absolutely shredded by tanks already. There is a reason the original designers made them faster to repair. This nerf isn’t needed at all.

Wisps are powerful but cutting their mana reduction in half seems very drastic. Why not start out with 25% and see how that goes? This is going to crush NE versus human mass caster. It takes a lot of skill to bring the wisps in on the flank and detonate them on casters. Skill should be rewarded, not punished.

Chims don’t need a buff. They are already the most powerful build in large team and FFA games. It’s understandable you’d like to see them more in 1v1, but buffing them like this is not the answer to that problem. Reducing the build time and cost of their building or delinking it from ancient of wind seems like a better solution. The unique nature of the different units is what gives the game character.

Once again, it just seems like whoever is making these changes is 1) WAY too drastic 2) REALLY loves human 3) is ONLY focusing on 1v1 without any consideration for the other modes of play and 4) is LIMITING the meta not expanding it.


Biggest human bias patch in all of Warcraft. Human will completely dominate all 3 Human matchups. They need nerfs and must not get Tower buffs.

Orc has zero answers to Breakers and Human gets zero nerfs to Breakers or Thunderclap. Human is going to destroy Orc.

Humans whined so much that they are getting 1 tower to be able to go afk and deal with summons. However every race needs to harass Human because Human can power creep and power build. If you do not harass human, he gets ahead because he creeps faster than you and because he gets his expo faster than you.

You see this in UD vs HU, UD is forced to attack all game. Now they make defending easier and lategame weaker for UD. Human is going to run over UD with mass Tanks (nerfed repair on UD towers doesn’t help) and mass Knights /Gyros.

Wisps are needed to dispel against Human casters and drain mana. Humans already found that Bloodmage is enough to deal with Demon Hunter to make mana burn a non-issue, because you can just throw a stormbolt and drain the DH mana with bloodmage. Then the Human lategame army with Mortars, Slow from Sorcs and Inner fire beats the Nightelf lategame army. Clap still destroys bears.


To be fair, Human players only have the most prize money in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020 (so far and obviously will stay on top until end of the year).

Orc somehow grabbed more in 2016 and 2018, which is not what Blizzard wanted. I think it makes sense to nerf Orc so they return the money they owed to human players.

You should also feel bad for people like Lucifer who spent his entire adult life on this game but was never given a fair chance to compete.