PTR Maintenance Today - June 28

We intend to take the PTR offline for maintenance later today, at about 11:00 a.m. PDT.

During this time, we’ll apply some bugfixes, server improvements, and localization updates.


Give the custom maps community what it deserves please, it kept this game alive for decades.

Right now it looks like you’re focusing on updating/fixing melee instead of custom games related issues/features, it should be the other way around.


There. Will. Be. More. Than. One. Update.

Just. Relax.

Yes, we get that custom games are important to you, they’re important to me too, but so is the rest of the game. This update is simply delivering what was promised to come next well over a year ago. We know there’s a lot left to do, they know there’s a lot left to do, so just keep your pants on, man.

And you seem to be forgetting that this update also includes world editor updates, so it is wrong of you to suggest that no time is being given to custom games.

Let’s hope so, the editor is even more unstable since the PTR started and it would be devastating (it would make WE and custom maps unusable) if they released it in the 1.33 update without fixing it first.

The WE is filled with all kinds of bugs and crashes, adding new natives is game-changing great but if those new natives are also bugged it will be even harder to find/fix the older bugs/crashes.

That’s why fixing custom games related content should take priority, otherwise it will be like custom maps and WE are not even in the game.

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alright, thanks for the heads up

Much as you may like them to be, custom games are not the only part of the game. There has long been a competitive WC3 scene, and the only reason it has dampened is because of the failed launch of W3R. The people who loved playing the game as it was designed deserve a good game just as much as you do.

Patch 1.33.0 Build 18931 is now available. This build includes:

  • Added !Stats functionality for players in the game (example: !stats Username) to pull up win / loss of the race they are currently playing in the game. Only works in an auto-matched game.
  • Added a proxy server for PTR where EU players will be placed into the AMS (Amsterdam) server when auto-matching.
  • Added a proxy server for the PTR in ORD (Chicago) to mitigate in-game latency in cross realm, specifically EU to NA.
  • Fixed a crash related to PopcornFX when trying to load an FX baked on an older version of Popcorn. Game will not crash, but the asset will not load until players rebuild their asset to the version of Popcorn.
  • Fixed an issue where AT rating was using the wrong rating.
  • Fixed an issue where team MMR was being read out of solo MMR.
  • Localization fixes