PTR 1.33 game - save/load issues

As in 1.32, also in PTR 1.33 the save/load system seems to still be quite broken.
For example:

  • Custom UI using the “new” frame natives don’t properly save/load
  • Music themes and music lists don’t save/load
  • Script initialization is not carried out when loading/saving game. This is an issue for all the actions that require lobby initialization, like for instance overwriting any of the default game UI.

While I have not fully tested this in PTR 1.33, these issues plagued 1.32 and I think they are worth looking into now, while in PTR phase.


Save and Load is a major thing so it having issues is a serious thing that should be checked out


Yeah I noticed this problem in Reforged with some custom maps


This is a major issue. Save/load is a fundamental part of gaming, if that’s bugged it disincentivizes players to continue with the game. Please fix this.


This fix is very important for the health of Re-Reforged and Chronicles of the Second War mods.

RRF is WC3 expanded & improved following on the lines of the 2018 Blizzcon trailer for WarCraft 3 Reforged.

CSW is a WC2 & WC1 remake in WC3R.

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This is huge bug which ruining gameplay. It must be fixed.

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Saving and reloading a game at a later point (and having it actually load!) is rather important in an RTS game. Please fix this issue!


Please stop spamming the same message everywhere.


Careful you might get a cease & desist, its very trending right now.

Let’s not exaggerate. More likely to get a spam report, but those projects are pretty much followed in the modding community and there is no profit behind them, nor any violation whatsoever. I don’t see all these cease & desists from Blizzard, considering they say nothing about all those WoW’s private servers, many of them with micro-transactions or even sponsored ads on google and youtube (like Ascension) using their stolen assets.

In addition to listed by @InsaneMst problems, you cannot launch saved game from Reforged Saved Games - it doesn’t start.
However if you start any map and from ingame menu launch your saved game - it will work.